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GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS Axi) TUK Stbuo, GLK OF PKOTKSTAMTI8M FOK EXISTENCB by C. R. L. Fletcher, M. A., late Fellow of All Soui's College, Oxford. New York: o TV Piïlnariï's'Sons." Anii' Arbor, fur sale by Geo. Wlir, $1.50 Tliis is of the excellent serii'S knows as "Héroes of the Nntions," edited by Evcly ti Abbott, M. A. In givlng ttiia hislory of King Gustayus Adolnhus, the nationul hero of HVveden, tlie author inakes no pretentions to great original research, or k thorongh understanding of the SwkiI'.6U language, but has nevertheless woven an historica! tule that wlll be read with avidity by the average reader, and even by the bookworin. "GuatavuB Adolphus has beon attacked and defended aiiy lime these 250 years. His chnracter lias undergone, in the so-called Impartía) verdict of liistory, even more transformation than that of Oliver Cromwell; lie bas been deiñed as a hero, and wlth no less warmth lie has been denounced as a liypoorite. Tothe school of Gfiörer, and Förster and the biographers of Wallenstein, he carne into Germany as a idbber," whlle later hlstorians, such as Droysen and Ranke assert that the life work of the klng was essentiully tbe dtfense of Gemían Protestants and the restraint of the uinbition of the House of Hapsburg, which was the only real safeguard for the national independen of Öweeden. The book is attractive In ftyle and will be placed upon the shelf ot many a student only to be taken down again and agiin to be peiused with ple.-i.iure. It is a work that wlll detrdCl nothing frotu but rather add to the execl lence ot this most excellent ?ei ies.


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