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Henry M. Stanley

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It wculJ take volumes to fittingly describe the Ufe of llenry M. Stanley, the Africin cxp'orer, whose book "Iq Darkest África," luis appeaed and will therefore slinply touch on some of his most notable achicvements with a brief mentiou of some of his liten r wor!s, that these who desire niny go into the subject more fully. He was bom near Denbighin, Wales, in 1840 and at three years of age was placed in the poorhouse of St. Asaph where he received an education which enabled bim to tcach in a school. At 15 hesailed as a cabin boy in a vessel bound for New Orleans, and was Hiere adopted by a merchant named Btanley, whose name he took instead of !iis owii of John Rowlands. Afler the death of big patrón lie enlisted in the Contederate service, but afterwards entered Federal arrny. In 1867 he was sont as a correspondent of the N. Y. Herald to Abys8inia and subsequently to Spain and other countries. His services as a correspondent were so excellent that he was chosenby Mr. Bennettto find Livingstone and afler innumerable hardships accoDoplishcd his puipose on the 2Sth of Octobcr 1871. His suecess caused hlm to be sent by the "Herald" and "London Telegraph" on a mission of liis own. He explored Lakes Albert and Victoria N'yanza and traced the Congo river fiom its source to its inouth. He describes his experiences in "Turougta the Dark Continent." Returning to Èurope he was made a member of various geographical societies. Krom 1871) to '82 he wasengaged by the African International Society to develope the resources of the Congo, and despite the adverse actions of M de Braz?. i did much to torm the Congo Fren Stute. His work "The Congo and its Frce State" describes the resources and character of the natives of that regiou and he predicts that an enormous trnde will be developed. Ilis latest exploit In finding Emtn Pasha is known everywhere, nnd his latest work, "In Darkest Atricn," is a reniarkabie record of a remarkable journey. He will lecture at Uuiversity H-ill on Tuesday even log, .Tanuary üih. Gov Ilill refuses to be shelvod wilh a United States senutorship. He is too slirewd to be caught napping by O.' Cleveland. A Mitionrl town adverlises for a tencher who will thrash girls as well is boys "when they need it." Southward the course of co-ediication takes lts way.


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