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Lesson Of The Off-year Election

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A carióos pnrt of the Presidential discuation that w now going on throughout tlio coantry, consequent on the late electloiic, i bisi'.l upon a statement mide by James G. Bluine in li is speech at tbe Academy of Music, Philadelpliia, on November 1. He denled that the election, win or lose, vvould affect the Republican party. Every adminlstration trom ttie l'resideuey of Man in Van Buren to tliat of Abraham Lincoln, lie said, lo.-t its second Congress. Tliis fact appears to h ive struck the frce traders witli some surprise, and a few of them have reased their tiiriff chatrer long enough to hnnt up the record. Blaine's statement turns out to be true. Harrison's Whig adininistrntion lost the Congress in 1842 - W!:igs G9, Loco-Focos 140; Polk, Dem., in 1840 - Whigs 115. I.oco-Focoa 108; Taylor, Whig, in 1850- Whljts S8, opposition 140; l'ierce, Dem., in 1851 - Republicana 108, Demócrata 83, Americans 43; Buchanan.Dem., n 1838 - RepublicanslH, Democrats 8?. During the administrations of Lincoln and the first four years of Grant the party in power held the lower house tnrotlghont The cause, of course, was the war of the Rebellion and the disfranchisrment of the southern States. In 1874, Grant's Fecond term, the House elected stood: RepublicanR 108, Democrats 168; Hayes, Rep, in 1873- Republlcans 130, Democrats, 149; GarBeld, Rep.. In 1882- Republicans 119, Democrats 200; Cleveland, Dem., in 188G- Republlcaus 159, Democrats 1G!. Ilcre is the record tor fffty years. Wlth onc exception, exclusive of the war period, Mr. ISliilne's remark ni;glit be applied to every admintstration since the presidency of John Quincy Adams. The cau?cs lor apatby and discontent in the dominant party in the " cff" years must be sought elsewheie than in díssatisfaction at a national law, which had scarcely gone into ell'ect on the day of election. The tarilï has not been the issue In the "ofl" years since the second Adams. Iu fact, it has been the Issue in hut three campaigns.


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