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scolda and rreta, the' ful 1 of pets, slie's rarely klnd and tender; Tlic thorn of life ís a fretful wlfe - I wouder wtiat wlil mend hei? Try Or. Pierce's Fnvorite Peracription. Ten to one your wlft is cross and fretful because she is siek and míM'tui:.', and ciiniMit control her nervousness when things go wrong. Mike a healthy woni.-iii of In-r and the chances nre you will make n clieerful and pleasant one. "Vavorite PiTscriptlon" is tli ■ only remedy lor womnu'8 peculiar lilimuls sold by druggists, under positive nuarantee from the manufacturera, tliat t will gire satisfaction ín eyery cuse, or money will be refuudea. See gu irantee on bottle wrapper. Larga bottles, $1. Six for $r. "If a large nutnber of newspapers can brlng it about, "electrocutiou" will be the word to desígnate the judicial act of exección by electiljity. - Sí. Y. Ilerald. "I know wby it's so hot in sumraer," said Willle. ""Wby?" "Because the ministers all go to Kurope and the devil jU9t lurns the lieat on."- N. Y. He rui d. Buckache is almost immediately reIieved by wem Ing one of Carter's Smart Weed and Belladonna Backache Piasters. Try one and be tree from pain Prlce 25 cents. Lcts both sides be besrd - The baga drum. ID THE CREAT Germán Remedy.f IBTRUTHSFOBTHESICK. BllbraaSpelladepena fbracage wneta Scl I DllSl MMIUKlilTTEBS rllUR IJITTKI! u ' I II it will curo you. not nnsist or cure. Ii Hl ra i, ..;,r,.r .y!, "CT''r {:Mti Ilhntliredimdallgonr Cleansetho vitiatcdRl fceliiifr; if eo, use hlood when yon seilll Sur.riurR Bittcbs; ta impnritics liurst-lll it ivill .-ure ynn. infrtlirough the Hkinll Openitlveswhoare Pimples, Blnt.-heR.I I closelv ronflncd In r""1 I{c)y onl rï?hn nillU n ui worlc OWHÜII IÍITTKU8.M III not procure sulüclcnt '"" III I IcxeiT.lse, and all who SüLPHUB HittkrsI I I larcconflncilindoorB, „111 ,.„__ T ...„..(om I I Ishould uso 8OLPHOH , t Don't ie U II ItoVuí;.rV;omHUmSv'l"Í'VI'MÍandl atlsm, use a bottle oí m.ike you strougandl ■ Sülfhur Bitters ; ncaltliy. II ltIv-vfrf.-llUtn.Mllf,. BTOPHtJB BlTTKRsl Dou't be without a wlllmakcyourl)loodS Iboüle. Try lt; you pure, rlrh and wlll not rep-ft lt. and ymir Beata liard. III T!ñíTíeTT!r7!OHcáTf TTyTLPMiMnnT"! hcalth, who are all ncBS to-nlgtt, nmlll rundown, flhould use yon will sleep welll I SULPHi'U Hittkks. :mi foel hettor forlt. U T)o you want the best Medical Work publishodí Rend 3 2-cent Btamps to A. 1'. okkwav & Co4 Boston. Jlasa.. and iccelve a copy, free. USE DR.CRAIG'S OlUüINAL KIDHEY AND LIVER CURE Crown Piasters and Pilis. Tbey are only Safe Uemedlesto use for tlioae afUlcted wltb Uriglit's Disease, Liver Complaint and Urlnary AOectlous. Only those prepared In the dry form are the Original aud the Only Kldney and Liver Cure that wlll restore you to perfect healtli. ALL LADIES ITSE X3, -t-_. A.. COLS BT ALL DEC30ICT:. THE CRAIG MEDICINE CO. PASSAIC, N. J. 150 DOSES ONE DOLLAR. Hiy iïlillï.3 w iYitCUiiIilCtt flillf CAPITAL $50,000. SÏÏSFLÏÏS $10,000. Aflflitional Liatilities of Stoctholflers S5O,OOO. Report of the condltlon of the FARMERS AND MECHANICS' BANK at Ann Arbor Michigan, at tbe close of business J uly 18, lttfJÜ RESOURCES. lxians and dlscounts $ 230,401 S Stock, bouds, mortgages, etc 74,421 56 Overdrafts 4.15'J 8 Due frora banks in reserve cities.... 8,095 7' Duo froni other bnnks and bankerB 5,öo9 0Due from Washtenaw Oounty 28,225 0 Furniture and flxtures 8,5K) 00 Current expenses and luxes pald.... 1,807 59 Interest paid „ 3,110 i Checks and cash Items _.._ 999 3l NickeU and penniea S68 8 GolU G.762 50 Sil ver 1,720 1 U. S. aud National Bank Notes 5,600 00 Total $ 375,517 7 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in S 50,000 00 Surplus fund „ 10.000 00 Undlvlded proflts 9,917 2 Commercial deposita 286,806 1 Savlngs deposita „ 49,825 7 Due to banks and baukers 409 C Total Í375.517 7 STATE OF MICHIGAN,) ... County of Washtenaw, f ssI. F. II. BELiSEll, Casuiar. nf tlio oI.ovb iiiiiuoi Suin, uu HOieimily swear that the above statement Is true, to the best of my knowledge and belief. F. H. BELSER. Cashler. Subscribed and sworn to before me, thi 30th day of December, 1890. WM. W. WHEDON, Notary Public. Correct- Attest: Chas E. Greene, Iteubei Kempf, D. F. Schairer, Directors. mTFüTtnoro' 9i Moolitiiiifio' Boni idliiltilu d lUtMdllM Dñí havlngflled thelr certifícate with the State Banking Department are now authorlzed to do bu.siness asa Savlngs Bank, and iu pur suance tbereof nave opeued a Savings Department' Interest allowed in the savlngs departmen on all .leposils of $1 and npwards, Interes pald June lst and Dec. lst, of eacb year. The savlngs department is open Saturday nights from 7 until 8 o'clock. Money to loan in sumsof $25 to t5,000se cnred by unencumbered real estáte or ap proved securlties. IIIKhCTOItS llfnbpn Kempf, Chas K. .i . i-iir, E, Dutty, AmbroHe Kcurney, Mm. O. sti'vt-iiH, . F. Breakey J . K. Beal, John Burg, D. F. Kcliairer It. KOPK, Pres. K. Klil'FÏ, Vlcc-I'rt-. F. H. BKLSER, Casbler jgtoaHsz'a Oottoaa. Xloot ff COMPOUND I ïpCoinposed of Cotton Root, Tansy anc L y y3 Pennyroyal - a recent dlacovery Dy ai t- uW pbysiclan. I ntcccssfuüy u$cd monthly- Safe, EffectuaL Price $1, by mail, caled. Ladiea, aak your drugglit lor Cook's Cotton Root Componed and take no substitute or inolose 2 stampt for ssalsd partlcalan. Addres POND liLy COUFANY, No. 3 FUher Block, 131 Wooiward t.. Diroit. Mloh. The Forum The Foremost Periodical for Tlioulitfu Readers. lts range is fairly lndicated by the followlng Table of Conten ts of the DECEMBER NTJMBKH : THE GOVERNMENT OF AMERICAN CIT IES. By Andrew D. White.- Whereln Kuropean Cilios are better governed than ours; the danger place In our politica system, and the remedy. CITY GROWTH AND PARTY POLITICS By Willlam E. Springer.- The lncrease o urban over rural population as shown by the census; bow tb is decrease is ad van tagcous to tbe Democrats. STABIHTYOFTHE FRENCH REPUBLIC By Jullus sim. ui, of the French Señale A review of domestio and forelgn lnflu enees favorable and unfavoruble to the Repubiic; a hopeful outlook. FAMILY STOCKS IN A DEMOCRACY. By President C. V. Ellot, of Harvard.- Dem ocratlc Society favorable to the perpetua tiou of families; a study of American condltlons therefor. DOES CHINA MKNACB THE WORLD? By PresldentW. A. P. Martin, of the Imperia Tung Weng College, China, - Why the tendency of Chinese life forbids fear of eompetltlon. THE HUMANITIES. By Major J.W. Powell The ilrst of a serles of artlcles to show that the theory of biológica!; evolution falla when applled tosociology. FORMATIVE INFLUENCES. By Archdeacon F. W. Farrar.- An autoblographlcal esay, followini; similar ones Ty Prof John Tyndall, W. E. H. Lecky, Frederlo Harrlson and olher noted men. SPEED IN RAILWAY THA.VEL. By Prof, K. H. Thurston. The posslblllty of 2U0 miles au hour by steam; why electricity Is llkely to supersede steam. ARMOR FOK WAR SHIPS. By Commandor F. M. Barber of the U. S. Navy. NOTES ON QHOSTS. Audrew I,ang. PITY, GENUINE AND SPURIOUS. By Francés Power Uobbe. Amongthe ÍT1TIP T7rtT3TTHJT FOR 1891 features uf lililí rUXbUJXL wlll be R ÍSULTS OF THE CENSUS. A serles of artlcles by en. Franela A. Walker; Resulta of the LA.TEST KNSKAKOH and of the most KKl'KNT ACH1KVEMKNTS In all IMPORTANT LINES OF WORK, In SCIENCE and In INDUSTRY, by specialiste; POLÍTICAS DISCU.SSION8, by the leaders of opinión in the United States, and by forelgn statesraen; SH1BBOLETHS OF THE TIME, a serles o!' crltlcal examlnatlons of popular oplnlotis. by W. S. 1,1 Uy, the Brltish essayist; AUTOBIOQRAPHICAL ESSAYS, a series to whloh ■ome of the most noted men of the time, American and Brltish, have already contrlbuted; DISUUHSIONS OK SOCIAL AND RELIOI0U8 PUOBLKMS IN THE UNITED STATES; UTERARY ARTICLF3, dlscuss Ing the tendencies of literary work alone all ïiriTtions of the foremost crltlcs. IMË rUKLM. INPW I 01 K. ayear. 1891. Harper's Weekly. 1LLUSTRATKD. BASPKB'8 eeki.y luis liever failed lo justily tu ntle ius a 'Mourual of Clvlllzatiun." and ït hasdoneso wltn ;i constant regard to piilnrgcd posslbilltles of usefullness and 11 hlgher standard of artisllc and llterary eicellenoe. It leaves untouched no important pliiiseof the world'H progress and presents a rpoord„Tequa!ly trustworthy and Interestlng, of the notable eveuts, persons, and achlevemi'iitsofour time. Special supplements wlll be contlnued in 1M)1. They wlll be llterary, solenUfle. artistie, histoiical, critloal, topoeraphieal, or descriptlvf, aa occnMou muy demaud, and will continue to deserve Ilie hearty commeiidatlon which bas beeli beKtowed on past issues by the pressaml the public. Asa fainHy Journal, Haki'kh's Wkkki.y wlll. as beretofore, beedlled wtth a strlct regard for the q llallíes that make 11 n sale and wrlcome visltor lo every home. HARPER'S "PËRIODICALS. PER YEAR: HARPER';) WBEKIÏ $4 00 HARPER'S MAGAZINE 4 00 HARPER'S BAZAR 4 CO HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLK 2 00 Postaqe Free to all subscriben! in the VnUed States, Canada or Meneo. The Volumes of the Weekly begin with the flrst Number for .Tsmuary of each year. When no time is nipiitlom-d, subscrlptlons wlll begin with the Number current at time of receipt of order. Boand Volumes of Hakpkk's W'kekly for thiveyeius biick, in neut elotli bliidin", will be sent by mail, postage paid. or by ezpress, free of expense (proviik-d tbeffelght does not excecd one dollar per volume), for i7.U0p.ivolume. Ctptb Cases for each volume, Snttable for binding, wlll be sent by mail, poHtpald, 00 receipt of tl. 00 each. Remittanccsshould be made by Post-oftlco Mouey Order or Draft, to avoid chance or Loss. Newspapert are not to copy this advcrlisement without the cxprrss order o) Hari-ek & BboTHKB8. Address: HARPER BROTHERS, New York. 1891. Harper's Bazar. 1LLU8TRATKD. Harper's Bazar is a Journal for the home. Giving the lalest Information with regard to the Fashlons, its numerous lllustralions, fashion-plates, and pattern-sheet stipplenirnts are lndispenslble allke to the home dress maker and the professional modlsle. No expense Issparedln making lts artistle ailractlveness of the hlghest order. Itsclever short storles, parlor piaya, and thoughtful essays satlsfy all tastcs, aild its last page is famous as a budget of wit and humor. In Hs weekly issues everything Is Inolnded whlch is of interest to womeu. JDuring 1891 AONics 1!. Ormsiikk wlll wrlte a feries of artlcleson "Tho House Comfortnble,1' Juliet Corson wlll treat of "Sanltary Living," ana an ïiitcii'.M Ihíí succeRsion of papers on "Woman in Art and Hlstory,"superbly lllustrated, wlll be furnished by Throuokk Cmi.n. The serial storles will beby Wai.tkr IJhsant and Thomas Hakdy. HARPER'S PËRIODICALS. PER YEAR: HARPER'S BAZAR. % Oo HARPER'S MAGAZINE 4 00 HARPER'S WEEKIA' 4 00 HARPER'S YOUXG PBOPLE 2 CO Poetage Free to all subscribas in the Uniled States, Canada or Mexico. The volumes of the BAZAR begin with tho flrst number for January of each year. Wlien notime is inenlloiied, subscriptions will begin with the Number current al time of receipt of order. Round volumes of Haupek's I!zut, for tlireeyears back, in neat cloth binding, wlll be sent by mail, postnge pald. or by expresa, free of expense (provlded the freight does not exceed one dollar per volume), for $7.00 per volume. Cloth Cases for each volume, sult&ble lor binding will be seut by mail, postpaid, on receipt of $1.00 each. Remittance should be made by Post-offlce Money Order or Draft, to avold chance of loss. Newsjxipers are nol to copy this advertisement without the express order of OABPKB & BhothKRS. Address: HARPER & BROTHERS, New York. 1891. Harper's Magazine. ILLU8TRATE D. The important series of papers on South America by Theodork Ciiild, wlll be contlnued In Harper's Magazine during the greater part of the year 1891. The articles on Southern California, by Charles Dudleï Warner, wlll also be contlnued. Amone other notewortby attractloDS will be a novel by Charle Eobeht Cuaddock; a collectlon of original drawings by W. Si. Thai keray, now publl8hed for the flrst time; a novel written and lllustrated by Georoe du Maukieu; a novelette by Wii.liam Ukan Howells: and a series of papers on London by Waltsr Besant. In the number and variety of lllufltrated papers and other articles on suhjects of timely interest as well as in the unrlvalled characteroflts short tories, poems, etc., Harpbk's Magazine wlll continue to maintalu that standard of excellence for whlch It has been so long dlstlngulshed. IIARPER'S PËRIODICALS. PER YEAIt: HARPBR'S MAGAZINE SI OC HARPER'S WEEKLY 4 00 HARPER'S BAZAR 4 00 HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE 2 00 Postage Free to all subscribers in the United States, Canada or Mtxlco . The volumes of the Magazine begin with the Numbers for June and December of each year. When no time Is specifled, subscriplinns wlll begin with the Number current at time of receipt of order. Bound Volumes of Harper's MAOAZiNE.for three years back, in neat cloth binding, wlll be sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt of $3.00 per volume. Cloth Cases, for binding, 50 cents each- by mail, postpaid. Index to Harpek's Magazine, Alphabetlcal, Analytlcal, and Classifled, for Volumes 1 to 70, Inclusive, from June, 1850, to June, 1885, one vol., 8vo, Cloth. $4.00. RiMiiit iniu'i-M should be made by Post-Offlce Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss. A'ewspapers are not to copy this advertisement without the expres order of Hakkkh & Bkoth - BBS. Address: HARPER & BROTHERS, New York. KltKKHACU A SS, A N AKBOK SK.I.I. IIKl.on l'l I,1.N. X A TTTT1 C! TRY i-ADi-E's " peJ-jil.JJJ.iiiO KIODICAL" PILL3 from PariB, France. Bstabllshed in Europo io 1839, Canada in 1878. For Suppresslona, Irrtgularitles, and Monthly Derangctnents. A reliftble monlhly medicine. They always relieve. Any druEfist. $2. American PUI Co., Proprletors, Spencer, lowa. Robert Stcphcnson & Co., wUoleeale agents, and all other dragglst In Ann Arbor. These pllls are warranted to brimr on the "chanue.'' Wood'S ï'll.OSÏitLOdLill.O. THK GREAT EL1SII RKMEOY. red for 35 yeora - mot Youthrol folly liy S antJ the exoeBsea L'cssrullr. Uuur. laaii "f later reara. antced to cure all S.ZK VJ Gira immediate formt or Nerrous !iS3 atrength andviaIVeakneM. M&&jL AskdrugRlsu Blons, f" ror Wood'aPhond 11 tho ubstltute. One paokage, 1; Blx, $6, bT mal], Wrlte fur pamphlet. Addreiu Thc:Vood Chemical Co., Vil Woodward uve., Detroit, Midi. C. H. MILLEN. INSURANCE AGENT! 67 Huron St., 2 doors W. of Harrls Guild. The oldest agenoy In the city. Establlahed over a quarter ofa century ago. KepreHeutlng .he following flrst-class companies, wlth over (60,000,000 Capital and Assc!. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. GIBAKD INS. CO., of Philadelphla. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of Loudon. LIVERPOOL, L0ND0N and GLOBE. lates Low as the Lovrest, Loases Liltcrallj- Adjustfd and promptly Fald. O. H. MILLEN.


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