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A RELIABLE FAMILY NEWSPAPER. Thatis the CharacterAlmostTXiüversaUyGIvento The Weekly Iwtbr OcBñN. So oreat is its popuiarity that íor years it has had the LARGEST CIRCULATION oí any Cüicaao weekly newspaper. It 13 abiy and careiully edited in every department with a special view to Ita useíulnes3inTHE HOME. ÏHE WORKSHOP, acd THE BUB1NESS OFFICE. IC is a pristett Iepublicarj Jteuspaper, Butdl3eu3sesall public questions candidly and obly. Whilo ít oives fairtreatment to poü cical oppon enta, t is bitterly OPPÜbKD TO TRUSTS AND MONOPOLIES as antagoniülic to bota Public and private intereBts. THE LITE-RARV DEPARTMENT ct thepapcr is eicollent, and has amona its contribu tors soma of the MOST POP ULAK AUTHORS of the day. The FOREI'JN AND DOMESTIC OORRESPONDENCE, SERIAL AND SHORT STORIE3 ore the etiual ol those oí any similar publication In the country. THe Youtirs Deparímeat, Curíosity Sbop, Woman's Kingiom, ♦ and The Home ASE LV THEMSEI.VES EQVAl. TO A MAGAZINE. In addition to all this the NEWS OF THE 'WORLD is otvon In lts columns evory week. In all dapartmenta it Is careiully oditod by competent men employed ior that purposa. THE PRICE OF THE WEEKLY INTER OCEAN IS $1.00 PER ÏEAR. THE SEMI-WEEKtiT INTER OCEAN is published each Monday and Thuraiay mornincft and ís an excellent publication lor tnose wlio can not aacuro a daily paper retjiiiany and are not satisfied witn a vreekly. THE PRICE OF THE SEMI-WEEKLY INTER OCEAN IS $2.00 PER ÏEAR By Special Arrangement with the Publishers o That Magazine and The Weekly ínter Ocean ara Both Sent to Subscribers One Yeartor Two Dollars andNinety Cen ís. TE! CEST3 LE33 THA3 TÜE PBICE OF THE MAGAZINE AL05E. LIBERAL COMMISSIONS oiven to active SAMPLE C0PIE3 sent "Hhenever asltcd lor. Address all orders TUE INTER OCEAN, Chicago.


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