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Washington, Dec. 29.- The killing of John Prentiss Matthews, the postinaster at Carrollton, Miss., by young McBride, will probably turn out to be a cause celebre. Matthews was shot down on the street by McBride. A reporter yesterday saw Mr. J. M. Matthews, of Mississppi, who was the republican candidate for Congress against General Hooker at the last election, and who is also a brother of the dead man . Mr. Vlatthews had just received the followïng telegram from Carrollton : "John was ïmirdered by a mob. He had been notified by a dozen men tliat i mob was going to kill him that day. He saw the men with their guns and he got i rifle. When he did this the sheriff arrested him and placed him under bonds. John pointedout three men to the sherff and asked him to arrest them and jrotect his life. The sheriff refused. :t was a plot, and all were in it. John old Lyd (a youngman workingfor him) he thought they would kill liim before night. He stayed at the postoffice unt his second dinner bell rang, wlien h said lie would go to dinner. The begged him not to go, but he said h ,uld. "V1hii he ;at:hed the huW steps McBride, who was still in th Irugstore, shot him down with a sho run, killiug him instantly. Not satisfiec vith this, MeBride fired five shots at ïim from a revolver after he was dead. The mob theu began dancing and sliouting around the body with the most vile abuse aud curses. Jolm had received several anonymoua letters telling him he must Ieave the town. The murderer goes free, and all because they must have the postoffice at Carrollton." "My brother," said Mr. Matthews "was only twenty-one yeara old. He was a bright, intelligent hoy. lie was appointod postnaaster severa! months ago at Carrollton, and while there have been a number of threats upon liis life, I did nut think anything wouidcome of ït. He was the first Repúblicas postmaster to take the Carrollton office for many years, and it was freely sai.l tliat no republioan should hold the office." Carrollton, Miss., Dec. 31. - A preliminar}- trial of McBride for the kilfing of J. P. Matthews, postmaster of this plae, on Christmas day, was held yesterday before Mayor Carpenter. Twenty-five or thirty witneases were exainined and after exhaustiiiL' argumenta on the legal points involved, the t-ourt decided that McBride acted in self-defense and discharged him.


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