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Company A's Officers

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The members of Company A held their annual election of officers at the armory last Moiiday evening. ïhere was a good attendance and the boys appeared to .be in a condition that would bode ill to the band of Red Cloud or Sitting Buil shonld they be sent out tliere to meet them on the war path. The first business transacted was the choice of the following: BOARD OF DIRECTORS. George E. Parker, William Seerey, liermau Waltere, Jolm T. Kenny, Oscar Burkhardt. This Board of Directora afterwarda met and chose the following CIVIL OFFICERS. President- Capt. Win. F. Armstron" Vice President- John T. Kenny. Secretary- Geo. E. Parker. Treasurer- William Seerey. NON-COMMISSIOXED OFFICERS. Orderly Sergeant- Charles Bailev. 5th Sergeant- John T. Kenny. " Qaartennaster - Sheldon Granger. The latter offieers were all elected to flll vacancies that existed. The Company lias Ml raiiks and is in good shape fiuancially and otherwise. The anuual street parade on the 22nd of Februury, followed by a grand masqueradB lall at their Armory, will be given as customary this year, and preparationa fur the event are already in progress. As the 22nd falls on Sunday, the obsérvanee of the day will be held on Monday, the 23fd.


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