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A. L. Noble goes to Washington Üae week. Miss Birdie Whedon ie visiting in Lansing. Lew H. Clement ia under the weather a little- la grippe. Capt. George A. Douglaes is home for a few week's stay. Mise Anna Sfinrl -f Flu.'o í;..i, -„_ turned home Monday. Miss May Breakey went to Xew York city Monday for a visit. Mra. Dr. Phillips of Milwaukee is home at W. W. Whedon's. Herbert Prescott returned from a visit with friends in Adrián Saturday. Mrs. Prof. Geo. W. Renwick of Muskegon, was in the city yesterday. Ellis D. Allen, of Dexter, has entered the store of A. L. Noble of this city. Judge Babbitt goes to Lansing to-day to attend the inaugural proceedings. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Goodyear returned Sunday evening from a trip to Chicago. Miss Ella Van Epps, of Flint, is the guest of the Misses Mama, on E. Huron Bt. Prof. J. H. T. McPherson of S. Ingalls street lias returned from a trip to Chicago. Xathan D. Corbin, of Forest avenue has returned from a trip to Washington, J-). O. Dr. P. B. Rose is home for a few days. He expects to make a trip to Florida soon. -Airs. W. W. AVatts and Miss Florence Benliam were in Detroit yesterday for the dav. Chas. Chadwick and w'üe, of S. 12th atreet, returned from a visit in Chelsea Monday. Prof. and Mrs. A. B. Prescott returned home Satnrday ceuing from Washington, D. C. Mrs. S. A. Corbin of Forest avenue, returned home Monday from the holiJay season. O. F. Hunt of the law firm of Griffin, Warner & Hunt, Detroit, was in the city last Friday. Chas. A. Eister, of Detroit was in the city over Sunday visiting his mother on Ku Hor street. Miss Abbie A. Pond returned Monday from a two week's visit witli relatives in Flint. Mr. J. C. Rathfon and wife of Port Huron are visitors at Mr. N. Booth's on William strcct. Mis. Qjoigley and daughtera of Church st., returned home Satimlay from a two week's visit at Cadillac. Miss Belle Huil, who is teaching in Detioit, was home over Sunday, whh ; her sister, Mrs. Edmunds. ' Mr. and Mrs. Prof. G. W. Patterson of S. L'niversity avenue, have returned írom their visit in Adrián. W. B. Stickney, who makes his headquarters at East Saginaw, is honie with hia family for a short stay. Mrs. A. T. Hill of Detroit is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Bliss. Mr. Hill was in the city over Sunday. Prof. Richard Hudson returned home Saturday, from a week 's visit with his brother, J. L. Hudson, of Detroit. Miss Wilsie, of Chicago, who has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. Prof. de Pont, lias returned home to Chicago. John Ferdon and Mrs. Bentley of St. Paul are visiting their parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Ferdon of Washtenaw ave. M. D. Fohey and wife of Owosso were the guests of Mr. Fohey's parents on North street, last Sunday atid Monday. Prof. C. K. McGee and familv of Forest ave., returned lióme Monday from a two week's visit in Jackson, their former home. Mrs. Thos. Reardon and daughters have returned from Midland, their oíd home, where they went for the holiday season. B. M. Storch, of Gambria, Ohio, who has been visithig his brother, and who is attending college, returned home Monday. Prof. E. D. Campbell and wife of Washtenaw ave. who have been in Detroit during the holiday season returned home Monday. Miss Mattie A. Tenney, of St. John, who spent the holidays with her mother, Mra. M. A. Tenney of this city, returned home Friday. Prof. J. O. Reed, who has been visiting friends in the city during vacation, returned to his school duties iu East Saginaw last Friday. Mrs. Margaret Hudson and family of of E. University ave., have returned from Alleghany City Pa., where they went for the holidays. Mrs. Willis Jackman and little daughter, of Detroit, who has been visiting her mother Mrs. Walsh, on E. Ann st., returned home Saturday. Prof. T. B. Bronson of the Orchard Lake Military Academy lit. '81, accompaniedbyhis wife, has been the vacation in the city. Prof. A. C. McLaughlin and wife, of S. 12th street, returned home Saturday from a two week's visit with relativee and friends in Muskegon. Mrs. Eugene E. Beal and daughter Alta were the guests of Mrs. Beal'a father, N. Keith of Dexter over Xew Years, and the day following. Hon. Chas. R. Whitman left this a. m-, for Lansing on invitation of Gov. Winans, to act as a member of the reception corainittee at the grand inaugural ball. Mrs. J. T. Sullivan went to Chicago last Saturday, called there by the sickness of her sou Matt., and also of her grandson, the latter of whom died on Monday, President Ilenry Wade Rogers, of the STorthwestern University, returned to Evanston, 111., to-day, accompanied by Mrs. Rogers, and will not visit Anu Arbor again muil next April.


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