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Financial Definitions

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Boodle- What other men steal from thfir employers. Perquisites - What youcan obtain from vours without heing found out Gambling- Playnig vulgar games like poer for a five-dollar limit. Transiictions- Deülingin futures without a limit. Embezzler - One wbo steals leas than a hundred thousand dollars. Bold financier- A sentleinan who pre fers tü reside in Canada on tiis nuployer' milliong rather tlian live in the United States on his own hundreil9. Clieatinsr - When others gettlie best of you in a bargain. Good financial management-When you get the best of others In a bargain. Foola- Those who let others iuterfere in their business. Men of sound judgment- Those who let you mañane their business. A soulle-8 Corporation - The rlch company in which you are not intereated. A DHnlIlceiil w-tí[)ei ulive mjücuji; - l hc rich company in wliicti you are the principal stockholiler. R.ish speculation- When men lose in stocks. Able flnancierinjr- Wuen mea win in stock?. VlUUnous ring- The écheme you are not in. Mutual protective association - The scueme you are in. A poor devil - One who lias done one mean thing tlmt didn't succeed and has been found out. A risinjr man - One who has done sevenl hundred mean things that did puccee(j - whetber found out or not. - Aristine Andereon, in Judge.


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