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Finding Fault

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Does it pvv to l'nd fault? You wlio are the ie keepers of houses and tbe dear keepers of hearts, does it pay ? Tuere are heavy burdeus to bear all day - manifold cares frora the rlsinsr to the setting of the sun - blunders uiade by those wlio sliould haye known better, inany a thing to annoy; but don't m:ike cold and cheerless the home atmosphere by liuding fault. There is no blight more deadly in its tendeney, nothlng that can more surely disturb the harmony of home, notliing that will recoil more quickly upon yourseif than this habit of fault finding. Not that errors sliould go unrebuked or nilstakes uncorrected; but note down in your raemory, and wlien thework and eire and tumult of the day are all over, then cali the little ones and the larger ones around you and teil them soberly, but kindly, of the wrong doings, and see ifyou are not amply repaid for your forbearanceby the smile and thelittïe word of contrition and promise of amendment. You will be a thousand tiuies happier when you lie down to sleep, and a sweet forgttfulness has settled over your little flnek, than you would have been had the blue eye now closed been filled with er tears that ovcrnowea at unkinj censure, or had the Iittle golden head drooped under the shadow of your constant frown. Huw fair and sweet and satisfying life miglit bc to lis all if we wonld forgt to fret and lind fuult aml complain. Don't s.ive your words of praise and appreciation until it is too late. You love thelit tle children- the dear lttle children And lf they do gpeak li uil and disturb the order of the house, don't find fault. It won't - Standard.


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