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Justice Brown Installed

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Washington, Jan. U. - Associate Justioe Henry Billings Brown of Detroit, has been BWorn in as successor of the late Samuel Miller, and the Supreme eourt hench once more has its full compltment of nine membere. Justice Brown iid not briug his gmvn with hlm. "d ('liiff Justice nor Associate Justiee does that. One was lent him for the special occasion of installation untü he can have one made in due and ancienti form. As a matter of fact the Supreme court has nhvays a gown on hand in the robing-room for a new memlier to don when occasion requires. The cut and make-up of the Justioe's gown has never been changed since the establishment of the august tribunal nearly a century ago. Justice Brown. as the junior member of the court, must sit at the bottom of the line, which is on the extreme left of the chief. On his immediate right will sit Justice Brewer, his class-mate at Yalc. The mat; wlio s-ays lie is going to pet thcre, ai)il cion't yon forget t, oitikea more noiae about it than tlie ruan who is aciually there. - Atctnon Globe. Man wants but littlejhere below, Bu: wants that little strong. ïhis is especially truc of a purge. The .in or woman does not precisely anker for it, as a rule, but when taken, wishi a it to be prompt, sure and effective. Dr. l'ierces's Pieasani Purgative Pellette leave nothing to be desired in point of efficacy, and vet their action La totaly free from any unpleasant symptome, or (lisagreeal)le after-effects. Purely vegetable, periectly harinless.


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