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Tf'FF LITEKATUSE FOR ALL. ThpA.MEBICASPROTF.OTIVKTARIFFLEAOtri ís publishing a most valuable series of Tatiff documents. TbQBe are prepared with a view to state the faots and arguments for Protection, whether in the interest of farmers, laborera, merchants or professional men. Kach issue of the series appeals to those engaged in separate industries, and presenta indisputable lacts - comparisons of wages, cost of living, and other argumente showing the beneUts of Protection. Any single one will be sent on reoeipt of 2 cents in stamps except " Wages, Living and Tariff," which will be sent for i cents. The whole list will besent for 30oentsor any twelve for 20 cents, or any üve for 10 cents, postayc püid. Order by number. No. Paoes. 1- "Wages, I.h i :[il Tarlff." E. A. Harts HOKN 10 2- "The Adv„.,ia„.3ur a Protective Tariff to the Lauur aml Industries of the Uuited Blates." First Prlze Essay, 1887. CkawFORD D. HEN.NINO 33 8 - " Home Production Indispensable to a Supply, at Low Prices, of the Manufactured Commodltles requlred for the People of the United States, and Adequate Home Production of these Commodities Imposslble without a Protective Tariff." First Prlze Essay, 1X88. C. D. Todd 82 i- " % hat are Raw Materials ? Would Free Raw Materials be Adantageous to the Labor and Industries of the United States." First Prlze Essay, 18í9. Homek B. Dibki-l 32 6- "Fallacles of FreeTrade." E. P. Mru-ER. .. 32 6-" Some Views on the Tariff by an Old Business Man." Geo. Dkapkk 32 7-" The Protective Tariff : lts Advantages for theSouth." C. L. Kdwards 33 8- "TheWool Interest." Judge Wm. Lawresce 24 -"Protection us. Free-Trane."- A Hlstorlcal Review. D. t. Harrihan 20 10- "The Farmer and the Tariff" Col. Thomas H. Dldley 16 11- "Protection asa Public Pollcy." Georok S. BOÜTWELL 16 12- "Reply to the Presldent's FreeTrade Message." R. P. l'ORTER 8 13- " WoiklnKiiii-u and the Tariff ." 8 11- "The Vital yuestlon : Snall American Industries be Abamloned and American Markets Surrendered ? 8 15- Saint in (erman, with Additlon 8 10-" The Progresa of One Huudred Years." ROBERT P. POIITKR 8 17- "Protptlon for American Shlpping." 8 IX- 'The Tariff Nota Tax." HOMF.nB. Didell. . 8 ii)- " Wny IrJahmeD Shonld He Proteetlonlsts." 8 '4(i-" Protection." K. H. Ammipown 4 2L- " What is a Tariff ?" Answersto a Worklngman's Quentiou 1 88- "The American Wool Industry." K.H. AMMIDOWN 8 2- "Wages and Cost of Living." J. D. Weeks. 4. "Southern Farming liKlustries." í A Short Talk to worklngmen." 2 i'i otectlon and the Farmer." Senator S. U. ■ Cuixoh 12 Tcp AM.niCAN EcoifOlOBT, weekly. devote'l to the wlorj of iill pbases of the Tariff question. ?2 ayeai ■ . Adlrf-.s ATnci-i(;aTiPro. ■ . '■, W. :irt Rt.. Xew y.irk. 'Ibe Courieb and the American Economist one year for Í2.UÜ.


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