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A, D. Worthington, a subscript'on b(xk publisher of Hartford, Conn., said to ft New York Press reporter the other day: "I went to Mr. Beecher about three months before he died with a check for í5, 000 in my pocket to induce him to write his biopraphy. Hiswifewas with hirr durintj our interview, and, after I had briefly stated my object, he replied that the subject was not new to him, but had been often broached by other publishcrs. I went on to teil hira that I could offor more money than other publishers had done; that if he did not write his own Ufe soon he would never write it, and that only by writinj it himself eould he get the benefit of ita production for his family. Mrs. Beecher said nothing, but I could see that she was anxious to have him undertake the work. He took the check in his hands and, as ho fondled it, contemplatively remarked: 'i know what I wi'l do with this if I take it,' thus unconsciously disclosin? the pnrpose of his mind to accept my proposition. But at last hesaid he would let me know by mail. It was gome time before I heard from him. Then he mrrtly let me know that anothe. nublishfr wan malan? him an offer. Then ho wrote n'srett'ng that he couldn't accept my offor, and put it p'ainly on the ground thathe had a better offer from another publisher. Í havo since understood that he got ?40,000 down." "In iust three wee's Mr. Beecher was dead," said Mr. Worthington, continuing his story, "and all 1 had told hini about the necessity of writing his own life history was thereby proven truthful. VThen I heard of his death I jumped on the train for New York. On my way down I wrote out an advertisement of a life of Beeoher, ready for deliery. When I got into the city I hurried to my advertising agent and had him send it at once to 1,200 newspapers. He set the wheels nmotion for that transaction while I was in Vs office, and then I began to think over how I was to get out the book. Finally I remembered the tremendous working eapacity of Colonel Thomas W. Knox, of the Lotos Club, whose reputation as a traveler and author is extcnsive. I went up to his house and told him I wanted an autob ography of Mr. Ueecher in a week. He named a price for which he would do it and I went home. In just a week the manuscript ivas on my desk. How he ever did it I don't know. He told me afterward that he got half a dozen different persons towri te different portions of the book relating to phases of Beecher's life with which thej' were acquainted. Well, in twenty-one days exactly from Beecher's death I was mailing copies of that work to agents and subscribers for it, and it was one of my best ventures.''


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