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So recent is the origin of the modern commercial drummer fhat, like the "forty-ninor." reprpsentative pioneers in tina line are yet in the land of tho living and still on the road. As a concocter of co ossal yarns and a nevería lingfounta nof anecdotes and humor, the drummer has no r val, at least not in the general estimation of the public. His fund of spirits is no sma'.l portion ol his stock in trade, and this, together w th his acquired andnitnble knowledge of human nature, make him as dextrous a foe and as Buccessful an advocate, commercially speakinjr, as the trained lawyer is in the legal forum. A drummer's story of the commercial changes in the life and conditions of this country within the memory of soms of these veteran knights of the road would make an interesting and picturesque volume, and one sure to be w dely read. lleroisanopportunity for theright man to make the most of. One of these timers, whobeganhislife-longcareer as a commercial traveler in 18S6, and to whom his brethren are soon to give a testimon:al, in speaking of his experience the other day, and of the changed condition of travel, etc, remarked: "In 18S9 I took a trip South, util'zing every possible mode of locomotion by land and water, by horseback and by foot as well, it taking me 226 days to cover the territory between ery, Ala., and Columbus, Miss. Now I p-o about in vestibule cars and put up at palatial hotels inatead of tenting or staying in a log hut I ascend the rivers in magniflcent steamers, whereas I used to be glad to get keel-boat transportation. I send a telegram and get an answer in an hour. Formerly I had to wait two months for answers to my letters. I used to write with quill pens and seal with wax wafers. Since I have been on the road I have seen the inventon or perfection of the railroads, the telegraph, the screw-propeller, the submarine cable, the telephone and the electric light" The American drummers' story is yet to be written. To be done well ltshould be done soon, ere some of its most characteristio links are missing and its chain of events hopelessly


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