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The Old And The New Years

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One of the best things ot' the season which appeared this year was an editorial in the Later Ocean cm the above topic. Although written like irose the smooth rythni, the elegant diction and metre make it a true poeni. For these qnalitiea as well as for its teuder sentiment we quote it below : As priest benignant at the altar stands with girdled robe and marks the novice pass, the old year smiling spreads hi kindly hands to bless the New Year and Íets t'all his glass. Thus do the children of inmortal time, like waves o ocean surging 'gainst the shore, come and recede, while sounds the mysti chime of hours melodious forever more Let not the heart bemoan its seemin: loss ; the years we leave are but the gok we've gaiued ; the bark that wears th slight-caressing moss enfolds the oal that centuries have stained. Right wel it is the New Year have its cheer, for i is still Hope's herald, and the soul take courage from it and bids diseappear th doubts and fears that hide the wishe for goal. No ueeromancy works a sul)tler spell no promise of the sky gives Bweete bliss than infant lips that, cooing, strive to teil that birth to man is heaven's forgiving kiss. When flamed the star in Bethlehem of old the Bad world saw a surety of peace ; and when frdtatornb its stone the angels rulled, tlie ancient creeds in new faith found sureease. But as the tilinga that men have iived and thonght still mingle with the things they think anl do, the precious jewels that the old yearbrought the heart musí hold as sacred as the new. The roses plucked when summer's breezes played have perished, lut have left their t'ragrance sweet to sooth tjhe weary who have sinful strayed and bear the dust of Borrow on their feet. Hushed are Borne lips that when the spring was young were swift with kindness and with whisperedjest; dombare some voicea that the binls outsung, and feet that never tired with running rest. The New Year comes triumphant in its pride, and rings defiance to wie world of care ; but let bold youth not set aaide the graybeard friend who served us passing fair. Though lightly .-tül we speed the parting friend with heartier will to groet the coming guest, we sometimos learn before the evening'a -n 1 they quit us earliest whe loved us best. 80, drink the glass of giadness in its round with dear reinenibrance of the jovs that were; and let our laughter take melodious sound from sweetregrets that memory may stir. The old yëar dies not, but within the halls where fancy holds her fetea flnda constant place, and sits witli kindred, where the sunlight fails to clothe with slow-ageing face. There when we naay its kindly smile invoke to light the glooïn of some lone tour, and at his knees in reyery beguile our souls from grim despair's (espolie power. Nay, bard who sang so sweeüy i' his deatn, t'.ie oll year dies nut, nor can ever die ; and though we breathe with joy the New Year's breath, full oft we'U"seek the o!il year with a sigh ; ful] oft we'll seek the old year with a sigh.


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