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PUBLIC SAFETY DEMANDS T'].it only honest and rellable medicines shouM be placed apon the ruarket. It cannot, tlierefore, be stated too emphatically, nor repeated ur,-, often, that all wlio are in need Of a penuine ISloud-jmrifier slioilld be iure anü ask lor Ayer's Barssparllla. ïonr lifo. or tliat of some one near and dear to you, niay depeud on the of tltis well-approved remedy in prefereuce to any otlxer preparatlon of similar i. It is Rumpounded if Honduras sarBaparilla ( tlie vai'iety most ricli in curative proporties). sttUlugia, mandrake, yellow din'k. anil tlic (liilcs. Tlio procesa of manufactura is original, skilful, siTiipulously clean, and sucli as to secure the very best medicinal quaütles of eacb Ingrediënt. This medicine is not boiled nor heated, and is, therefore, not a decoctlon; but it is a compoimd extract, obtained by a metliod exclusively onr own, of the best and most owerful alterativos, tonics, and liureties known to pharmacy. Kor the last forty years, Ayer's Sarsaparilla baa bren tbe standard lilood-purifier of the world- no other approaclilng it in pojmlar confidenee er universal demand. lts formula is approved by the leadlng physicians and drnggista. Belng pure and hijrlily concentrated, it is the most económica! of any posslble blood medicine, livery purchaser of Sarsaparilla should insist apon having tliis preparatlon and see that each bottle bears the well-known name of J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. In every quarter of the globe Ayer's Sarsauarilla is proved to le the best remedy for all disessea of the bloutl. Lowell druggisls vmite in testifying to the superior excellence of this medicine and to its great populaiity in the city of its manufacture. Ayer'sSarsaparilla PREPARED IS Y DR. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass. Sold by Druguists. $1, Bix S5. Worth fi a bottle.


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