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Tuk death of Octavo Feniflet, the well-known French uovelist and dramatist. occurred in Paris. I'. E. DlTBEDOT & SON, stock brokers at Dublin, Ireland, failed for 51,250,000. In'texskly eold weather preraüed in Europe, and in Frankfort-on-the-Main seven persons ere found frozcn to death in the streets. Tuk President of Jlexico has approved the bill passed bv the CongTes of that ttepublio admitting corn trom the United States free oí dnty. A kip.k in London eonsmned a larg-e nnmbor of buildings, inehading St Benet's C'hurch. a fainous edifiee. Tho loss was estimated at 82,000,000. The tombs of six Popes were discov orcd in the Church of St. Sylvester Rome. One of thera was that of Syl vester I., who oeeupied the papal chai from 314 to 3:26 A. D. The whole list of casualties in the Old World ÏS'.IO where the loss o: life was larg-e enough to be reported by telegraph. ineludinff tlmse wlio peri.-hec by disease and in battle. was 90,TS0 againt 96,880 the previous yèar. Over S00 houses were destroyed in a fire at Yokosake. Jaran, and three persons were burned to death. At Lima, Peru. followers of Pierola attempted to start a revohition by captnring Fort Santa Catalina. A fipree fight followed, in which srventyfive of the insnrrectionists were killed. A famii.y of five persons without a home, who had beetl tramping through England, were found a roadside near Cambridge all f rozen to death. Ax explosión in a ponder house at Durango, Mex.. killed twelve men and fatally injured three others. Four ehildren were burned to death at a school fete in Wortley, near Leeds, Eng. James BiGGS, sole survivorof the McClure expedition for the i-escue of Sir John Fvanklin, died at London. Ninb men were killed by an explosión in a L'oal-pit at Hochum. (iermanv, and ten others ucrenotexpected to survive their injuries.


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