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- An Oswcto younf lady made 700 words of the etters contaimd in "con servatory," whilo her mothpr wrestlec with the week's washinjf unaldod. - The life of a locomotivo crank-pln, which is altnost tho first thin? about an engtne to wear out, is 60,000 mi:es, and the Ufe of a .S:ï-inch wheel is 68 TS8 miles. - During hor voyage of 125 days frcm Caicutta to New York tho Timandra ran through fpurhurricanea. Oilbags bung over the bows, sides and stern saved the ship, as Captain Mowatt vorily bel;eves. - Sixty yèara ao railroads were nnknown in the United States, and the population consisted o( 13,000,000 people; to-day there are upward of 165,000 miles of railroad, and tho population has increased to 05,000,000. - Iron Mounta n, M ch., has a cow club. On joinlng each cow owner pays into tho treasury 75 cents for each cow in lis possess'.on, and when a member's cow dies an asseasment is made and 840 is paid to tho loser. After the 'initiation fee the assessments are all the members pay into the club. - The ostrich farm at Oceansido was raised reeen tl y by a California lion. He gotinto the prn wheresixteen ostriches were kept and scattered them rigbt and left The men in charge sooured the country and secured allbut one, whioh is still at large. The ostriches were valued at -51, 900 each. - Sorae of the bar-tenders in Derby, Conn., have live snakes within easy reach. When a man has imbibed too freely, and des res more liquor, tho bartender puts a small live snake on a píate and quietly places it before him. The patrón thmks it a snake of the irnagination - a premonition of a violent attack of the jim-jaras - and suddenly decides that he is not very thirsty. - Did you ever think of how much space the people who die every year require for decent burial? If one could be content with a grave two by six feet, 3,630 bodies could be interred in one acre of ground, allowing nothing for walks, monuments, roads, etc. On this crowded pian London's annual dead, number ng about 81,000, would flll a cemetery of about twenty-three acres. - An utterly unprecedented accident was caused by a freak of the wind in Paxton, 111. During a heavy windstorm the spire of the Congregational Church was raised on the wings of tho wind, üiüvatyu Lu a consmeraDie neignt anti then plunged point foreraost through the roof. The novel sight drew vast crowds of spectators, who were anxious to behold a church stecple wrong end upward. - A preventive of hydrophobia has been discovered by Colonel W. G. Hill, of Georgia. Somo time since his dog, with several others, was bitten by a rabid canine, and rernembering a remedy which he had often successfully used for rattlesnake bites, he drenched the dog with alum water. All the other dogs bitten developed hydrophobia, while his has never shown the slightest symptom of rabies. - The latest fad in medicine is known as "oriflcial surgery." The disciples of this new cult look ehiefly to the openings in the human form, believing, with the great bard. that all men have their exits and their entrances, and that if these are preserved in a normal condltion the internal reg:ons wi 1 take care of themselves. The New York Medical Record styles the practitioners of this art "oriphysicians." - If we reckon the population of the globe at 1,400,000,000 of human beings, there would be room for them all on the frozen surface of the lake of Constance (Switzerland), and the crush would not be so very great either, as there would be a space of four square feet for each person; if the ice were to break and the whole human race were thus to sink into a watery grave, the level of the lake would only be raised six inches. - A modern Darius Green is Mr. Patriek Peters, of Prince Edward's Island. who has modeled a flying machine after the wincrs and motion of a bird, and eonfldpntly expects to solve it the problem of aerial navigation. The "bird," as he calis it, weighs thirtyeiifht pounds, is very easily managed, and claims interest from the rumor that It has carried Mr. Peters two miles in four minutes. It is soon to be exhibited .n the States. - An example of blind and unthinkng mimicry, such as most folks suppose ;he Chinese alone are given to, is seen n the little tooi which fish dealers use for scrapin? the scales off fish. The man who invented this scraper, a few years ago. made it by tearing apart a lorso comb and attaching one smooth jlade to the handle in place of the row of toothed blades which had formed the comb. Other fish dealers sawhim using nis invention, and borrowed It to have others made like it The copies were made with the useless earmarks of the horse comb, llke the original. Now the article is a staple, and thousands are urned out, but the purpose'.ess relies of ;he comb are reproduced in evervonp


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