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-The digestión of an ostrioh and the apDetito of an American small boy are two things that have never beeii discouraged. - Rara's Hom. - When the humorist who has always joked about putting up stoves comes to put one up himself once he realizes that putting up stoves is no joke.- Somerville Journal. - Coals of Pire. - Grocer - "What's that about the dozen eggs you bougbt this morning?" Bro wn- ' 'They were all bad except one, and I've called to see how much extra I owe you for the gooi one,"- N. Y. Sun. - Fuddidud- "O, you may talk about Niggleston not being in his right mind, but I know better. I've talkfid with hím two or three times lately." Smart - "Yes; but I have seen him since you talked with him."- Boston Transcript - She (at 11:30)- "It is very late. What if papa should wake up?" He- "Oh, he won't mind. He's been here himself." She (anxiously)- "And I'm araid he'U be here pretty soon again. I tliiuk I hear him now." - Yankee líiaue. - A love letter written by some great man 400 years ago was rocpntly sold ín England for S750. A love letter rocently read in oourt in a divorco case wás worth 55,000- to the "fair plaintiff." And its writer is still living, and comparatively unknown, too! - Norristown Ilerald. - Sweet Confidenca - Mrs. Young - 'Tmafraidmybusbandlskülinghimself with overwork." Mrs. Odda- "How is that?" Un. Young- "Why, when we were first married he always got homo from tho office at flve, and now ho's often kept until ton!" - Munsey's Weekly. - A Strange Piece of Information. - An Ohio mun claims; to liavo a wife vvho never asks him formoney. lie negleets to say whether t-lie woman has been apeechless from birth or whother sbe simply holds him down and goos through his pocket without wasting broath.- . Ram's Hora, - "Do yon know," she said, "that clock reminds mo of you every time I look at it. Do you notice any thing peculiar about it?" "Why, no; I really can't say that I do," he replied, as he drew nearer, "except that it doesn't go." Thon he got red in the face, and in a few moments vanished.- Washington Post. -To Catch the Wolf.- Friend of the Family- "What in the world are you setting that trap on the front steps for?" Young Hopeful- "To catch the wolf. Pa sa-.d that if ma ordered any more oí those California peaches wo should have the wolf at the door, and she's gone and done it, for I heard her." - Burlington Free Press. -Watts- "There seems to be an awful lot of unnecessary fuss over tnis seal-fisheryquestion, especially asplush imitation can be made that one can hardly teil from the real seaL" Potts- "O, no, there can't I can teil plush from seal two blocks away." Watts- "How?" Potts- "liy the way the wearer carries ber hi-ad." - Indianapolis Journal. - For Sale. - A new and most useful invention. Agents wanted in every part of Germany. Light b'ani;ots with large labels for pigs cows and horses, to protect these animáis while feeding from the zoal of the short-sighted and zr.alous amateur sportsman. Easv terms to farmers with lare stocks. Names printed distinctly in red, blue or black, ;.n a whit" irroun , f st oo drs i I 'roía a longdistance.- Klieffend) B.atu-r.


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