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"WHYi TOUR LIVER IS OUT OF ORDER Ton ■will hare SICK HEADACHES, PATN9 IN THE SIDE, DYSPEP9IA, POOB APPE. 'XITE, teel Hstloss and unablo to get throujrh your daily work or social enjoymentg Lila ■wlll be a burden to yon. f Wlll care yon, drive the POISON out oí Ïour sy stem, and mnke you strong and well 'hoy cost only 28 cents a box and may savo your Ufe. Can be liad at any Drug Store ï"Beware of Coüxxeefeits made In St. Louls.Qft VORYliÖLrSH Perfumes the Breath. Ask for it. FLEMING BROS,, ■ Pittsburgh, Pa, CARTER'Sl CURE Bick Headacho and relievo all tho tronbles incident to a bilioua state of the Bystom, such aa Dizziness, Nausea, DrowsiuesB, Distraes after eatliiB. in ia tho Sido, &c. Whilo thelr most remarkablo Buccess has beeu showa iu curiog SICK Headache, yot Cnrter'B Littlo Liver Pi'.ls ara cquully valuablo in Constipation, curing aucl preventiug thisannoyingcOLjplaint.whilG they also correct all disorders oftlio6tomach,8ti mulato tho liver and regúlate the bowels. Even if they only HËAD Acbothey wouldbealraoBtpricelesstotïaosewho euffor from thia distrcssing compiaint; bVl fortunatclytheirgoodnessdoes notend here,and thoea "Vrho once try them will find theao little pilla valuuble In pomany waysthat they will not bo willing to do without them. But af ter allsick head ACHE Is the bane of po many livea that here is where wo make our great boast. Our pilla cure it while others do not. Cartor'a Little Lívcr Pilis are very small and vc-ry easy to take. One or two pilla make a doee. Thoy are strictly vegötablo and do not gripe or purpc, bntby thcir gentleaction pleaneall who uso them. ïnvialsat 25 cents; fivefor$L. Sold by úruggÍ8Í9 everywh"-, or sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL FiLL. SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRIGE WHAT SCOTT'S CONSUMPTION ouu ' t scrofula EMULSIÓN ?SSSSSIT'8 PIIDCC colds UUnCO Wasting Liseaees Wonderful Flesh Producer. Many hava gained one pound per day by itsuse. Scott's Emulsión is not a secret remedy. It contains the stimulatíd proporties of the Hypophosphites and pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, the potency of both being largely increased. It is used by Physicians all over the world. PALATABLE AS MILK. Sold by all JOrugglsta. COTT A BO WNE. Chemlsts, N.Y. To cure Biliousness, Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take the ente and certain remedy, SBffITH'S Use the SÏIALL Size (40 little Beans to the bottle). They ake the most conve;.ient. Snitablo all i.Bt. Price of cithcr sizf, a5c. per Bottle. ■ ■ w ■ B V M Mailed for 4 ets. (coppers or stampN). i.F.SMITH&CO.Uakersof'BILEBEANS, 'ST.LQUiS M0. Rubber Shoee aniña worn nncomfortablr ttaht generally Up off the feet ' THE "COLCHESTER" EUBBER CO. mak all thelr hoe wlth liutde or heel Iinel wlth rubber. Thla ellmni to the hoe and prevuuu Ule rubber from Bllpplng off. Cali for the " Colchtr " 'ADHESIVE COUNTERS." FOR SALE BY M. ALLABY, L GRUNER, JOHN BURG, W. REINHART&CO., DOTY & FEINER, A. D.SEYLER 4 SON. ANN ARBOS.


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