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PAPACHES 2:j2_CURED SOLÜ Bï.DRUfirM1 "■ ■"L; n EBERBACH & SON, ■ A' ARBOR. MIBfi. nup ti t tic fortunes hare heen mar! e at ySj3BgljPJBSee Othersnrcflüiii'gaswelí. WJ17 i Ci ♦K'iIIBO?'11 wherver you are. Kven be7 7 KiPginiiers arc easily eaniiiijf from í 5 to íj' L ' ZmKw daj'. A II apea. Weshow you how Ifc Mk ïflb Bn Btrt you. Can work in pare tima jOTgJM era. Tailure unknown aiimne them. J NEW' niidwnnderful. I'artículars free. H.llullettít 'n.,Íox HWOÏortlanil,Muliio MA A A A A Y KAR ! I unflfrtnkf to briflj II" "J II 11 Uteachany feirl7intellig-ntpODofeItlier Tk "til lliex, whocan reaii and % rite, and wlio, II J I llaftcr Instructioii, will work induatrioutly, 1 how lo earn Three Thuutand Dollars a Yearin theirown 1ocalites,wberevrthey Hve.I wlli alio furninh the situationoremplojmenat whicb you can earn ttiatamount. No moitey for meuni succesafu] aa above. Kasilyand quicklr leamed. I dsiro but one worker from each tlisrrkt orccmnty. have airead tauglit and provfded with empioymenl a larira number, who ar making over 2000 a yeareath. It'a NEW and SO1.IIÍ. iMUUarticuMnFKfeE. Addmutoncí, K. O, ALLEX, II., v -JJiü, Auitutlu, Alutnc, Honest Work '-ede0 earnest men and womeu. wefarnlah the capital ! If ynu mean business, drop us a card and gel some facts that wlll open your eyes! A legitímate line ofgoods, and honest men wanted to introduce tnem in town and country. Oon't Walt! Address at once, P. O. Box (M9, Clnclnnatl, O. MTt ypPyjCpDÍÍ ' othsri.who wish to emln " ■ til I IwtilW this paper, or obtain estimates on dvertsing spaco whon n Chicago, will find It on file a: theAdvwtisingAgencyof LORD ttTHOfihlñSr


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