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A RELIABLk FAÍV11LY NEWSPAPER. That is the Cnaracter Almost Universaüy Given to Thb Wbbkly Ínter Ocesn. So great la lts popularity that for years it has had the LARGE5T CIRCULATION oí aay CLucajo weekly newspaper. It is ably and carefuüyedited ín every department with a special view to its usefulnessinTHL HOME, THE WORKSHOP, and THE BUSINESS OFFICE. It is a CLrj58tei}t Iepublieat} fíevuspaper, Butdiscus3es all public questions candldly and ably. While it oives lalrtreatment to pontical opponents, Uis bttterly ÓPPOBED TO TRUSTS AND MONOPOLIES as antagonistic to both public and privato interests; TJIE LITEEAHY DEPARTMENT cl the paper is excellent, and has amono its contributors some of the MOST POP ULAR AUTHORB oí thé day nxiSISSíá? AND DOMESTIC COHRESPONDENCE. SEEIAL AND 8H0RT STORIES are the equal oí those oí any similar publicatlon In the country . Tüe Youth's Department, Cariosity Stop, Womaa's Kingiom, and Tüe Home ARE N THEMSELVES EQUAF. TO A MAGAZINE. In adiition to all thls the NEWS OF THE WORLD is oiiren in its columns eyery week. In all dspartments it is carefully edited by competent men employed íor that parpóse. THE PRICE OF THE WEEKLY INTER OCEAN IS $1.00 PER YEAR. Vh,T?nE SEMI:WEEKLY INTER OCEAN is published each Monday and xnursiay mornmo, and is an eicellent pubiication lor tnose who can not secura a daily paper reguiarly and are not satisfled with a weekly. THE PRICE OF THE SEMI-ÏÏEEKLY INTER OCEAN IS $2.00 PER YEAR By Special Arrangement with the Publlsöers o Tbat Macrazine and THe Weekly ínter Ocean are Both Sent to Subscribers One Yeartor Two Dollars andNinety Cents. TEN" CEXTS LESb THAü THE PRICE OF THE MAGAZINE ALOSE. eíeBvEe?áeCdO1SrMIÍIÍreSaClÍTorSerO8 aCt'V9 SAMPLE 0"=8 THE INTER OCEÁN, Chicago.


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