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The oíd Dexterband may be re-organized soon. Ex-Supervisor Thomas Young, 8r., of Lyndun, is very UI. Foor Mile Lake P.oil. meeting Jan. 8. Election of oflteere. The Farmers and Mechanics Bank of Milan is Bteadily growing. Quarterly meeting at Sharon M. E. church January 10 and 11. M. M. Clark, formerly of Tennessee, is a new merchaut at Milan. J. S. Cuminings of Chelsea hasbought out Thoe. Wilkintion's grocery there. The Monroe people will vote upon ereciing a new $12,000 jail in the spring. Walter Daneer has been appointed Supervisor of Lima, in place of J. V. N. Gregory. The various churches throughout the county are observing the week of prayer with ;iipropriate services. Dan Stevenson, of Wayne, feil onder bis horne's feet at Ypsilanti last Saturday, aul was seriously hurt. Thirty-four relativea gathered at Edward De Puy's, in Saline, on Christmaa Day, and had a splencüd tuno. Mrs. E. J. Grimes has been appointed postmaster at Stockbridge in place of her husband who died recently. Fred Heininger, of Saline, had his left hand badly lacerated by an cdging saw that he was operating on Dec. 27th. The ladies of St. James church, Dexter, are to hold an afternoon tea With Mrs. C. S. Gregory to-morrow evening. The Ann Arbor road has given notice that the sale of week end excursión tickets will be discontinued after the lOth inst. Business men of Manchester are attempting to organize a coinpany to can fruits and vegetables and evapórate fruits, etc. Henry J. Drake and wife of Lyndon, celebrated their golden wedding on Christmas Day. Foor generations were represented. On Saturday, Jan. lOth, the Ypsilanti fair association will hold its annual meeting in Grange Hall, that city. Election of officers, etc. Mrs. C. C. Sangree, of York, died on Friday, Dec. 2(th, aged 57 vears. She was a native of York and had always lived in the township. Prof. W. N. Lister, of Ypsilanti, wül be the new principal of the Saline schools, and Mrs. S. E. McComb, of Grand Rapids, preceptress. The long looked for sheds at the Methodist church in Dexter are still in the dim future, and some of the subscribers are getting restless over the delay. A great many masons are preparing to take the commandery degrees in order to attend the triennial conclave of knights templar at Benver in 1892. - Enterprise. A huuting party composed of eleven gentlemen went hunting Christmaa day, and on their return counted their game wbich consisted of (3 rabbits and 3 partridges.- Chelsea Herald. There was a heavy fogyesterday morning. It is said that a winter's fog will freeze a dog. If we could be allowed to piek out the dogs we would nol care a snap. - Manchester Enterprise. A nurnber of young men here are engaged in an energetic campaign against furry animáis anti are having excellent success. They expect soon to open a little fur inarket of their own. - Dexter Leader. Marión Darling, aged about 16 years, living near Ypsilanti, had the sight of one of his eyes destroyed by the explosión of a powder horn last Saturday, while out honting, and his face was badly burned. Heads of households who are curious to lócate, define and investígate " nothinu " will. aftcr this week. find it in their pockets. No charge for tliis information. A Christinas gift, you know. - Chelsea Ilerald. The Episcopal qhnrcb at Ypsilanti has been improved !f3,200 worth recently, and the iirst serviros were beid tlierein last Sunday. It bas been gröatly improved. Josiah Newell, the man who built the Newell block at Ypsilanti, and who resided there vmtü 1880, died at lus home in Portland, Ore., on Jan.Sd, aged 75 years, of coiigestive chili. Rose Murphy, of Ypsilanti, who as reported as eloping with one John Bre weiof that city recently, has returned home, says she was only visiting her parents, and proposes to sue the Ypsilanti papen that published her as eloping. The ladies of the Presbyterian church, Saline, made Henry Jewett the recipiënt of a handsome silver spoonholder on Christmas Day. Now if some one would dónate a spoon and a bowl, he could raise beets and make his own sugar all right enough. Miss Lizzie Sober, daughter of Mr. Sylvester Sober, of Salem, was married at the home of the bride, on Tuesday evening, Dec. 23, to Mr. William Thayer of Plymouth. A hundred guests fllled the parlore and made up the jolliest company that has met in Salem in many a day. The parties left for Toledo and other points of interest. - Ypsilantian. One of those occasions which are long wrought with pleasant memories was the ceiebration ot the oth birtnaay of Mrs. Hannah Munroe, last week, at the home of her son Benjamin, where about 20okl neighbors andffriends from Bridgewater township surprised her with a visit. Mrs. Munroe is still as active as most people at sixty, and enjoys excellent health. May sbe live to celébrate more Buch happy l)irthdays. - Saline Observer. A lively gathering was that of the Osband chm onUhristiuasday at the house of Mr. Edgar Osband on Normal street. There were present, Henrv Osband of Flint, M. 1). aud Edwin Osband of Lansing, Luther Osband of Nankin, all brothers of the host, and W. M. Osband of the Ypsilantian. Mr. Meldren, Airs. Meldren and their son, of Nankin, Misses Edith and Clara of Lansing, and Misses Meda and Marna, of Ypsilanti, represented the younger generation. There were also present, the brotber of Mrs. Edgar Osband, Mr. Frank Furgeson aud his wife, and Mrs. Straight, mother of Mrs. Edwin Osband. The cordial, hospitality, the bountiful cheer, the delightful reminiscences, all cont tributed to make the day one of and long to be remembered.-


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