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A father can give his young son no better present than a year's reading oí the Scientific American. Its conten ts will lead the young miad in the path of ;hought, and if he treads there awhile. ie'11 forget frivolities and be of soine occount, and if he has an inventive or mechanical turn of mind, this paper will atford him more entertainment, as wel! as useful information, than he can obtain elsewhere. Copies of this paper inay b seen at this office, and subscriptions received. Price, $3 a year, weekly. "Lost in Sorrow," a Rêverie, is a new piece of music transcribed for piano by J. E. Ecker. Full of beautiful harmony and by no means a triflling composition. This rêverie may be playee by those who are not yet master of the unwieldly classics. This beautiful rêverie is published by Tgn. Fischer, Toledo, Ohio, and may be obtained at any music store. Price only 40 cents. Whooping cough, croup, sore throatfiudden colds, and the luug troubles pa culiar to children, are easily controllec by prompÜy administering Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. This remedy is safe to take, certaiu in its action, andadaptei to all constitutions.


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