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Real Estate Transfers

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J. Emma Ashley to A. J. Sawyer, Aun Arbor $ 600 Garry Briggs to Thomas Chamberlain, Webster aud Scio 2275 Mary A. Tager to Garry Briggs, Dexter... 700 Moscs Seabolt to 11. C. E.xinger, Ann Arbor 700 Catharine Fritz to John George Fritz, Ann Arbor 1 Caroline Huchoz to L. V. Miller, Ann Arbor 2000 Mary A. C'larkson to Allen Snelden, Manchester 700 John W. Mlnck to Ann Arbor City 1 Seorge Miller to Ann Arbor City 175 Hunter & Turnbull to Ann Arbor City ... 200 R. Kempf to Wm. Bacon, Chelsea 1 N. G. Fowler to John R. Fowler, Saline. .. 100 Sarah M. IMbble toW. and Jas. MoFaddeu, Salera... 200 Harriett Groves to Geo. M. Henion, Ann Arbor 100 Wm. P. Groves to Geo. M. Henion, Ann Arbor 1425 Luther James by ex'r to Jas. L. Babcock, Ann Arbor 6500 Catharine Entuse to John Schleh, Ann Arbor 1100 Geo. Ovcrsiuith to L. Oversmlth, Bridgewater 825 Chas B. Walworth to L. K. Hall. Manchester 42") Ed. A. Gott to Win. st. ( luir. Aun Arbor.. 250 Agnes Obersehmidt to C. and H. Oberscnmldt, Sharon , 3-100 John M. ïlisber to Jacob Hutzel, Freedom 2C5 A. II. Risdon, trustee to M. II. Davenport, York and Saline 275 II. F. Roehm to M. H. Davenport. Saline.. 4500 Kred'k Klats et al. to Andrew Neff, Seio.. 875 ('has. Kuiler to Albert Pratt, Augusta .. 75 R. A. Kitcherson to Delia Harris, Augusta 1500 J. H. Feldkamp to J. F. Feldkamp, Lima and Freedoin 4500