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Dr. C. McLane's Celebrated IJVER PILLS W1LL CURE A few doses faken at the rlght time will cfien save a severo spell of sickness. Price only 25 cents at any tiruq store. Ba sure and see that Dr! C. McLANE'S CELEBRATED LIVER PILLS, FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa., Is on the box. None other is Genuine. TJae IVORY POLiSH for Bis Teeth, FEKFCMK3 THB BreATH. CARTERS! wr ITTIiSi ív -:'íxC%L CURE Eick Ileadiiche &od roliovo all the tronbloa incident to a bilioua state of tho systom, such as Dizzineso, Nausoa, Drowainoss, Distross after eftting, Pain in tho SiUe, kc. Vhilo tUoir mos6 remarkablo eucceas Las boon showu ia curlng SICK noadacho, yct Carter's Little Liver Pllls ara cqually valuable in Conatipation, curing and provonting thiaanuoyiuRCOi jpUint.whilo thcy ulao eorroct all disorders of tbo8tomach,Btinmlr.totha livor and rogulato tho bowel3. Even if thoy oaly Aoha thoy wonld bo almost prtceioss totboaowho euffer frointhis dia trossing comylaint; brttfortuTjatcly tbcir goodnesa does notend herG.and thoso who onco try thom will Cnd these littlo pills valuablo in so many ways that they will not bo witling to do without thein. But nf tor allBick hoad Is tho bano of so many livoa that here ia -whero ve malie m-.rgrea.tboast. Oor pills cure itwhllo others do not. . Carter's Littlo Livor Pilis ro Try small and vory eaay to take. One or two pifia mako a doso. They arê otriotly vegetable and do not gripe or purge, butby thoirg.;ntleactlon pleaaeoH who UMthem. In 25 cent s; flvefor$l. Sola by drugsists everywt--i, rr pont uj niaiL CARTER MED!O!fil CO., Now Vork. SMALL PUL. SMALL E Lt. PB1CE SCOIT'g fggggS EMULSIÓN cSS=piTI9 CyRcb Wasting Diseases Wonderíul Flash Producer. Many have gained one pound per day by its use. Scott's Emulsión is not a secret reniedy. It contains tlie stimulatng propertiea of the Hypophosabites and pure Norwegian Cod üiver Oil, the potency of both being largely iccreased. It ia used by Physiciana all over tlie world. PALATABLE AS MILK. Sold by all Drugglsts. BCOTT&BOWNE.Chemists.N.Y. To cure BiHonsness, Sick Headacho, Constil)ation, Malaria, Livor CompUiints, take tho safo and certain remedy, SMITH'S Cie hc SMALT, Stze (40 little Beane to tho LoUlc). THBY ARE THK MOST COXVENIENT. Suitablo xli Agos. Prlcc f eitlier uis.v, a5. yer Bottle. R ISPá MftTi" í"W panel sizb. J.F.SMITKaú ;:í'ueeans,'ST.10UIS MO. vK.ö more Rubber Shoes uniera worn uncomfortobly Ugtil, generalij sUp off the feet. THE "COIiCHESTEB" EUBBER CO. inake all thelr fhoea wlth ln11e of heel llned wlth rubber. Thls clines to tho shoo and prevent taa rubber trom ellpplng off. Cali for th " Colchester " "ADHESIVE COUNTERS." FOIt SAI.E BY WM. ALLABY, L. GRUNER, JOHN BURG, W. REINHARTfitCO. DOTY k FEINER, A. D. SEYLER k SON


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