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-Dr. .Johnson ivas seated in the midst of alargedinner party. Ho inadvertently placed in his mouth ; kot potato, but, si ejecting it, he turncd to the li' I i this remai '■ : "Madam, aiool would have btirned - Tackson, mainly through the piety of h after ] imicant. Ou his land near the Bermitage he huilt a chnrch, .'' in Bupplying its pi - This was the I the Quei n covcaaa ch. Flllets of Solea. ' ' Whltings. Chlcken Cróqnettes Collared il iu Jelly. ' sen. Tongue. Cold Be( f. VenEUa9l Goose. Babas i n Bhnin. ' om] o I Poaehes. i Iheese BI ■ - Lady Florence Dixie, a well-knowa London advocate of dress reform, wears indoors a white flannel blouse or shirt with tartán kilts jüst eoveriug the knees. and tartán host'. Her shoea have silver buckles, and hor bodioe is a loóse shooting jacket, lier hair is short and wavy and full of threads of gold, her complexion iivsh and brilliant, and her features pleasing. Every one kn she rides a cross eaddle in a short dividcd skirt partially covering hig-h riding boots. - It is related a famous college professor was in a book store onc day deeply engaged in ;l search for a particular book. There were many enstomers present, and, before leaving, he shook hands with a few friends. Last of all he extended liis hand to a sweetfaced lady, saying: "Good morning, madam. Your face look very familiar, but I ara unable to recall your name." Absorbed in thought, he passed out without the lady's reply. She was his wife. - On the f orefing'er of Cha n ncey Depew may be seen an oldrlng whioh has been often commented upon. It Is one of those mystic Germán rings whioh was given him by one of the nobility while abroad. Composed of three separate bands, it parts slightly in the middle when the fingers arL bent. The outside is perfectly plain and is set with ruby and amethyst. Upon pressing these stones, a spring opcns and discovers the surf ace covered with magical signs and names of spirits. - Indoor tennis is one of the popular winter sports. It has been discovered that builds up the figure like handling a racket, lience all the girls are playing tennis "fit to kill" in both rain and shine. The costume for indoor tennis is inore abbreviated than was possible for out-door work. A Jersey blouse, skin-tight as far down as the waist, and a copious Jersey flannel skirt, with all-wool stockings and corksoled shoes, are worn for this glorious in-door pastime. The costumes are made soinewhat warmer to induce perspiration, as that is the bost facto in producing a good complexión. - It is queer that the moderately well-to-do families of New York do not understand the beauty of canille light as a dinnor aecompaniment. There is not a stylisli hotel in Europe that does not grace its tables with candles safely shaded with colored hoods, and in most of the great houses of the rich the charm of this form of decoration has long been appreciated. It is not necessary to buy silver or plated candelabra; in fact, thoy have a vulgar look unless they are heirlooms. ig for the purpose is so pretl Ie candlesticksof Austrian make or the French goods that are made three branches for the lights. - N. Y. Sun. A stock ilüif oughi to


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