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The convention whieh will meet at Jackson ia les.s than a month away, and we have heard no ñames inentioned for the regency of the (Jniversity, of which there will be two to put in nomination at th;it time. The position is one that requives good business talent, aml 110 one but a good Btrong man should be placed apon the ticket thü year, especially, above all other years. One of the retiring regenta comes from that section of Michigan known as "the thumb," and f rom that fact attention is called to that locality as being a good l)lace from wliich to select a republican nominee. There is a man iu that section who will bring to the position a ripe business experience :md a proud record as a business man. We refer to Henry Howard, of Port Huron. He is ;i man of extended business Lnterests. lic? is exceeding popular and eminently qualified in every way to give the affaire nf the University the assistance it deserves from a regent. There is hardly a. community in the state but has gome acquaintance with Mr. Howard, and hi.s sterling integrity, strong character and prime qimlities as a man in every way fits him t'cr a place upon the republican ticket. A recent issue of the Londoa Iron and Steel Tradea Journal states that Mr. J. II. Kogers, of the South Wales tin plate works at Swanaea, who has been on a visit to Ameriea, called hismen together on his return and addressed them on the resulta of the recent American elections. In the course of his remarks he said ho had little doubt that if the election had not resulted in such au overwhelming Democratie majority, they would soon be sending very few tinplates to America. It should be seen from this tliat a vote for Democratie candidates is a vote for the building up of foreign industries at the expense of our own. Mr. Rogers goes on to say that, tariff or no tariff, America wil] in time próvido her own tinplates. But our country has no de sire to await dim futurity : we need the permanence of a protective tariff assured, so that we can build up our industries now. The only thing that discouraged the erection in this country of tin plate works containing twenty, thirty and even forty milis was the late apparently great democratie victory. Truckling to the democratie allies of foreign intereste ought to cease. We notice that Senator Wolcott has concluded that business in Colorado will prevent his attending the Michigan Club banquet in Detroit on the 22d. It might do liim some good to face 2,500 or 3,000 indignant republicana.


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