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Democratie economy wili not abolisli the office of State game warden. See if it does. The gho8t-dances being iudulged in by the democrats in congress are almost equsl to the late S. Bull's best. The democrats seeni to have a pull on "blocks of V" inthesenate. There is Vanee, Voorhpes, Vest and Vilae. The democratie press of Texas is almost unanimona for Gov. Hill for president in 1882. And Texas gives 150,000 democratie majority. The window glass, harvester, oatmeal and salt trusts have all disbanded or encountered serious difficulties within the past few weeks, yet no free trade editor has risen to ascribe this state of affairs tothat awt'ul McKinley-bill, If you are a member of a labor unión, grange, P. of I. or an alliance lodge, what are the foundation principies of that order? Are they not protection? Ia it not for protection that you ure banded together? The state eonventions to nomínate a justice of the Supreme Court and regents for the University will be held as follows : Industrial, in Lansing, Feb. 12; Prohibition, in Jackson, Feb. 18; Republiean, in Jackson, Feb. 24; Democratie, in Lansing, Feb. 26. The map of Washtenaw county in the Courier heading bas attraeted the attention of the air gun of the Register and he fiies at it. In other words the head of the Courier don't suit the head of the Register man. It is not to be wondered at. There is some useful and valuable information in the Courier heading. Sparta Sentinel: "Did you ever notice that just as soon as a person gets the idea that he or she is absolutely necessary for the suecess of anything that the real usefulness of that person is from that moment as completely destroyed as though it had never existed? It is a fact which holds good from the highest to the lowest stations of life." It is understood, though not officially annouuced, that the Detroit Tribune has passed iuto the hands of Mr. J. E. Scripps and Mr. M. J. Dee. These gentlemen know what a good newspaper requires, and have the means necessary to put into it. The republicana of the state can rest assured that they will be well served. Improvements are already in progress. Mr. Hill was elected to the United States sonate in New York by ono vote over such a mau as Senator Evarts, and that one vote was cast by a man mimet, w'nom the Xew York papers acense of being a forger and embezzler, lo wouUl have gone to j.-iil a week previoua had II 111 not kopt him in hiding to use on the occasion of the senatorial election. Where (lid the idea oí free trade origínate? Notin the industrióos noiih. But in the oíd slave states where labor was not paid but owned, and to-day the hotbed oL free trade is inthe same locality, where the labor of the black man is not wel] paid. To do away with our proteetive tariff would place the great masses of the people on a low plañe. It would mean want, and misery, and ignoranee where plenty and comfort now reign. Quincy Herald : "It is comical enough to see the members of this legislature with railroad passes in their poekets, and being used every time they board a train, wrestling with the question of free passes. AVe would like to ask each member that has introduced a bilí abolishing this nuisance if they have not now in one of their pockets a free pass, and if they have not used it whenever the opportunity has presented itself." It must be pleasing to the republicans of this congressional district to note that Hon. E. P. Allen, in the grand flght now going on in Congress for right and the freedom of all the people in this nation, stands in the forefront, and is making a good fight, standing shoulder to shoulder with Speaker Keed, Major McKinley, Julias C. Burrows and others. The Mills and Kilgore bulldozers and kickers do not appear to phase the captain any. The P. of I. societies throughout the state are attacking our model public school system. Their attacks are a species of vandalism almost as heinous as was the burning of the Alexandrian library by the barbarians of old. In 1875 the muscular power at Landing laid violent hands upon our school system and the result was disastrous toits interests. Later the destruction has been in part rebuilt, and it is hoped that no more retrograde foolishness will be forthcoming. - Stockbridge Sun. The Grand Traverse Herald in an elabórate doublé leaded editorial brings out the name of Judge J. G. Ramsdell, of Grand Traverse, for the republican nomination for associate justice of the supreme court at the coming convention. Judge Ramsdell has the qualifications necessary in a member of the supreme bench, and would be an excellent man for the place. The party would do well to listen to the Herald's words. Judge Ramsdell is chairman of the executive committee of the State grange, has an extensive acquaintance throughout the entire state, and is uuiversally popular.


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