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Rev. Q. C. Bailey's' donation at Chelsea last week amounted to $105 The Y. M. S. C, of Pexter, givo a dance Wednesday evening, Feb. -ith. Chas. Twinkle, of Sharon, recently had liis loft leg broken by a falling tree. Mra T. Beman, oi Lyndon, has given 1396music lessons during the year 1890, it is stated. The Wm. H. Dell farm, west of Saline, ia tu be sold at public auction on the -ith of February noxt. The Manchester roller milis have new wheat scales which will weigh from a half pound to 3,000 pounds. Adam Gehiinger wbile cutting ice in SilverLake, Freedom, feil in and was nearly drowned before being rescued by his son. The wife of Dr. John Lee, of Dexter, died at her home in that place lastMonday night, aftei a protracted illness, aged 44 years. The Enterprise kicks vigorpusly against the accomniodations furnished at Manchester for passengere by the Lake Shore road. There is one class of people whom the railroad coinpanies recognize as worthj of the usual discount- the state legislators.- Enterprise. Mrs. Cushman of Sharon, mother of Mrs. E. P. Allen, is Bpending tlie win Ier with her dáughter on Hainiltoi street. - Ypsilantian. The Dundee paper mili is in financia trouble, (''1. Grosvernor taking poses si.. n ui the same last week, claiming default in the payment. Livingston county is seriously discussing the idea of Belhng uil' all of ita poor farm except the twenty acres on which the buildings are loeated. X. W. Holt received nearly $1,000 as royalty on his purifiers for the past three months. The sale of the machine is increasing. - Manchester Enterprise. E. F. Hall is the new grand secretary of the Y. M. C. A. of Ypsilanti, and he was given a Bne reception last Wednesday evening, by the mmnbers of thai society. A lady living not far from Mooreviïle has haií pretty good success the last season raismg poultry, having sold $75 worth of turkeys and $19 worth of chickens. Emmet Croarkin, of Dexter, nas oeen appointed to a clerkship in the office of the State Insurance Commissioner, at Lansing. Representativo Gregory is creditea with securing the appointment. Theexecutive comniittee of the National G. A. R. encampment has elected (' V K.Pond, of Cold water, permanent secretary at a salary of $1,200. He will establish headquarters at Detroit ai once. Surveyor John K. Yocum attended the annual meeting of the Michigan Engineering Society at Lansinir, tin week. A number of instracüve papen were read and discussed. - Cnelsei Standard. The 65,000 patrons of industry in the state will fignt the farmer's alliance in their efforts to get hold in Michigan, and some lodges will be prosecnted for turning over their funds without the consent of high men. The heaviest load of pulp ever drawn here from Hudson came in last Monday moraing. It was drawn by three mules and contained 99 bundies, weighing in all !),900 pounds besides the wagon. Good load that.- Dexter Leader. A. G. Mclntyre is grving employment to a good ïnaiiy men this winter. Besides his mili men he has a good many cutting coal wood, drawing logs, burning coal, etc. Heistalking of moving his portable Diill in the spring.- Moorevüle cor. Saline Observer. The time for our charter election is drawing nigh, and votere and politiciana in general who want a representation, or have an ax to grind, are beginning quietly to pull the wires Leading in their direction. Look out for "black eyes" this year. - Dexter Leader. The new hotel is now occupied. The Btructure in a very handsome one, we d.mht whether you can find its equal for beauty in any place in the state of twice the si'.e of Stockbridge. The finish of the inside is likewise said to be handsome and convenient.- Stockbridge Sun. A serious question prevaila in this community, whether there has not already beeñ a sufficiently large Dumber of diphtheria cases to warrant a careful reading of the law to prevent the spread of contagious diseases, with a view to its observation.- Livingston Republican. The large barns on the old Freeman Webb farm three miles northwest of this place, were destroyed by fire on Satunlay evening last. The barns contained about six hundred bushels of beans which were also burned. The cause of the fire is unknown.- Pinckney Dispatch. The P. of I.'s will have a carpet rag social at the Sylvan Center school house Jan. 3Oth, 189Í. Each lady is expected t.o hrinff a cake and a ball of carpet rags with lier name inclosed in the buil. Each ball will be sold at auction, the highest bidder escorting the owner to supper. - Herald. The following officers were installed by the Milan Woman's Relief Corps, kist Wedriesday night: President- Mrs. Wm. Whaley. Senior Vice- Mts. D. Case. Junior Vioe- Mre. Alex. Smith. Secretary- Mre. w. Kobison. Trcasurer- Mrs. F. Thorp. Chaplain- Mrs. A. I). Jackson. Conductor- Mrs. Chas. DavlB. Úuard- Mrs. ï. B. Fulcber. Gildart of the Stockbridge Sun, liad a runaway last week, a bolt breaking, allowing the pole to fall on the heels of his spirited mustangs. Gildart's competitor Hiiys that he (Gildart) lauded on bis eek, but it made no impreseion on the ground. Gildart, however, saya he Btruck on his pistol pocket.- Chelsea Standard. A correspondent of the Adrián Press has Doticed chipmunka and woodchucka running at large in the month of January. A Hudson boy goes him one better, for he writes letters to wild animale ;ind meets them on the street. At least a note was found last weck which was :1s follows: "Deer meet me to-night it the corner after church."- Hudson Post. Dr. II. F. Sigler will loavo thia place on Friday next for a trip to the Hawaiian Islands. He experts to be absent about two months. If the weather ifl favorable he will arrive at the Islands in time to witness the crowning oi Princesa Ielinckalani queen of the Bawaiian [slands, who succeeds her brother, who died in San Francisco, of Bright's disease, Jan. 19th.- Pinckney Dispatch. We understand that the committee ppointèd at the mili meeting lasi week ecided that itwould be impossible ta üse the $1500 bonus requirea, but they iave ander consideratión two other iropositions for milis of less capacity, lii'ch will be put ap for a less amount. ne is made by 8. E. Blackwood and amuel West of this place, and the othr by the Henderson Bros. of Bt. Johns. ' are nol able as yet to say what the prospects are.- South Lyon Ticket. Another change of agents this week : Joe Shults, telegraph operator at T. & A. A. depot, was promoteil to the posi,ion of agent, to BUCceed B. S. Stratton vhci lias In-en transferred to Howell to succed E. S. Greenwood, fonnerly of Xmdee, who has been transferred to nn Arbor. The chauge was made Wednesday. Mr. Btratton has been the agent here for the past two yoar, an.l iae been one of the most efficiënt and popular officials tliat Uas been in charge of the office. Our eitizens generally wül re-ret his removal from here. The ncw agent thoroughly underetanda the business and doubtiesa will make a popular official. Our citizena will be pleased at the elevation of Mr. Greenwood to the important position of agent at Anu Arbor.- Dunaee Reporter. An exchange has this to say of mankind: "one are satisfied. One man is struggliug to get justice, another is ilyiii" awayíromit. une ís Miwng w build n house, another is trying to Bell his building for less than cost, to get rul of it. One man is spending all the money he can make in taking a girl to a theatre and sending ftowera, in hopes eventually to make oer his wife, while his neigböor is spending all the gold he has got to get a divorce. The eastern aan wants to go west, the western man vants to go east. The farmer wants to ra into the city, the city man to get into the country. The man in trade wants to get out, and everybody not m trade vants to be. The old want to be yot'.n:-', the young want to be old. And so it goes." On thp triD of the motor train to Ann A.rbor last Saturday afternooii, when the stop was made at Carpenter's Corners, the venerable Horace Carpenter carne aboard, to return to his home at Ann rbor. He had been to his old home for the first time since the road was built, and had the novel sight of a train of cars stopping at Carpenter's Corners to receive and discharge passengere. In May, 1826, Mr. Carpenter purchased that land trom the United States, when all this región was a wilderness, mhabited by wild beasts and Indians. Two or three buildings marked the mfant gettlement where this city now is. The motor' line cars were not running at that time, but Mr. Carpenter was a nimble young man of 20 years, and did not need them as he does now at 85, though he is still well preserved. He has resided in Ann Arbor since his election to the County Clerk's office in 1862. - Ypsilantian. The American hen is not an idle bird, by any means. If we were to select an emblem of induatry, it wouldn't be the "littlebusy bee" that lies inactivo about one half the year, but we would choose the American hen. She'fl nearly always busy- if she isn't laying eggs, you will find hor scratching up the peas, or othern ise making it interepting for the garden Baas. The hens of thia vicinity, like ïts people, are an unusually industrious class, as the following figures furmshed Marsh will show: From April 1, 1890, to Oct, 1890 he shipped from this station 128,000 dozen eggs, tor which the average price paid was a fraction less than 16c per dozen, and the au-o-regate amount paid for them $20,320. From Oct. 13th to Jan. 5th Mr. Marsh also purchased here 34,000 pounds of chickens and 16,000 pounds of turkeys, for which 3,640 was paid. Thisdoes not include shipments made by other partaes in a smaller way. It will tlms be seen thatpoultry, whiuh by some is considered "small potatoes" playa no srnall part in the value of farm produce marketed. Kothing pays a farmer better than a good, well cafed forflock of hens. - Saline observer. PITTSFIELD. Mife Anna Coombs is at Ypsilanti learning the dress maktng business. Gottlob Herther made his second trip to Detroit with a load of pork on Monday. Dell llarris lias purchaaed 80 acres of the G. Sauuders farm on the gravel road west of Ypsilanti. While C. Rose was delivering milk at Ann Arbor last week his horses became frightened at the street cars and ran away. Milk cans etc, were badly deinolished. It is rumored that Storms & Reeves have porchared a piece of timber, situated on the gravel road, belonging to P. Hinkley will move their lumber mili in the near future.


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