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She Was Bullet-proof

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A wise coinmander may pardon the reckless;i's of yotrag soldiers, full of animal Bpirits, and ambitious to distinguish thuiselves by deeds of daring. Uut lie will frown upon the veteran whose wantonnesa of courage makes him foolhardy, when dutv does not obligv him to expx se himself. Baron Malortie tella of a aterloo veteran. a Colonel Volger, who (lid a very foolish thing in the íirst Holstein campaitrn. On the day before the storming of Duppel, he was on duty in thetrenches. The gallant Danés who defended Duppel shot so aecurately that no Prussian dared look over the earthworks. Suddenly, to the astonishment of his offieers, Colonel Volger was seen riding his old grav mare np and down in front of the earthworks, amid a shower of bullets. Thinking he had grme to inspect the outposts, no one ventnred to make a remark. Bilt when hctopassed for the third time the place where the officers had eongregated behind the breastworks, the Senior Captain stepped out and ealled the Colonel's attention to his needless exposure, and entreated him notto court death in this reekless manner. The Colonel grinned, thanked the captain for his warning, and then explained liis conduct. "There's no danger," said he; "they are a pareel of dnft'ers: ean't shoot a bit; they miss even my old mare, though I've treated them to a splendid target. The mare is done for; that's the reason I have been walking her up and down for the last quartër of an hour. It's thirty pounds in my pocket if they kill her, but I've no luek." (The Government allowed thirty ponnds to an ofiieer if his horse was killed ín battle.) At that moment a bullet struek the Colonel's sword-belt. and, slipping on a buekle, made the round of his portly waist, slightly grazing the skin. The Colonel shrugged his shoulders and unf astened his belt. "Captain, yon may be right," he said: "it is safer on the other s'ile: those fellows are eapable of missing the mare and treating me to another shot higher up. Only a foot lower and the mare would have had it, and I should have reeeived thirty pounds. l'rnvoking, 'pon my honor!" Following the Captain, he idowlyrode into the trenches. where he dismounted, and patted the old mare, Baying: "I dare gay she won't be sorry to be spared this time. " The mare was not hit during the whole campaigTL On his return to Hanover the Colonel söld her, much to his disgust, for eight pounds. She ended her days between the shafts of a fourwheelei-. - Chicago Timos. - Sympathetie Visitor - "Mrs.A.,what do you suppose tnaki JIrs. A. - "1 ['m sure, and I believe nothing bui i wil] ever show." S. V. - "Yon poor thing! Yon are so wc tand that!" - .'■. .;. 1.) Daily rws. "Bun iuto the ground - The plow.


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