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Lonely And Forsaken

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Mr. Kditok- That lone and much discussed electric lamp is now placed out on South State St. and is brilliantly illumiaating those vacant houses, the onadorned fields, and the border lands of Pittslield. It matters not to us as citizens that the cost to the Electric Coiir pany in placing the lamp was more than 1 1 1 1 ■ v can ge t out oí it in veáis. That item 11 be remedied providing the "brittld linead of life" holds out long enongh. It matters not that it means sérious ane unnecessary labor to man and beast to care for it. It matters not that the aldermen {rom the lst and (ith wards, representing the portion of the city most directly interested, protested against the location as a useless expense to the taxpayers. It matters not that the city tunds be wisely and economically expended. The influence ( ?) emanating from a certain place on Mainst. in whicb gathered some of the city fathers and real estáte dealers to celébrate the event of its lonation ; the seductive influence of a hustling, booming company was far more potent than necessity, or judgment, or expense. But, Mr. Editor, it was not of these matters I intended to write. That lone lamp is far away from friends or associations. (uietly and faithfully it perforáis its duty. In its loneliness, t needs our sympathy. During these dark and Btormy nighta when the winds whist Ie and the trees moan, and you recal] the jight house apon the rocky shore, shining out upon the dreary waste of waters, remember, also, this poor lamp, shedding its rays upon those vacant, and uninteresting, and desolate fields, and drup a silent, sympathetic tear. When occasion permits, visit it. Should the distance be too great, go at least within sight, and let its kindly beams be your incentive to duty.


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