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Met An Old Acquaintance

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Representative At. S. White, of Grand Rapids, who ia fast becoining the Stanley W. Turner, of the house of 1891, sti-olled into the executive oflice this morning to see the governor. A new judicial janitor carne iuto commission to-day in the place of the veteran Dharlie Reeves, and those who were in the office when Mr. White entered noticed that the new colored man dropped liis jaw and his work at the sanie time, and looked Mr. White over from crown to toe. Then he walked up to the Grand Rapids member and touclied his shoulder. Mr. White turned around. "Ain't yo Mistah White?" the new janitor asked. "Yes, that's my name," Mr. White replied as he surveyed Charley'a snccessor critically. " Well doan't yo know me?" "Can't Bay that 1 do, althoagh your Eace is familiar." "Well, now, doan't yo remaimbah a fight dat you had witt a cullud boy in de o'chard uu do ole fa'm down in ole Washtenaw, when yo' Au' Sally squepparted de kids? " " Why Jim Salspaughl IIow aro youl" Mr. White exclaimed as he graaped the new janitor's hand. That fifrht took place thirty-four years u:(i. The combatants haán t seen each other irom that day antil this; and curiously enough neither will say whicfa one was on top when "Aunt Sally" ptit an end to the pummeling. The above is taken from the Detroit Tribuno. Mr. White was formerly from Aun Arbor.


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