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to whistle a few bars of some operatic a...

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to whistle a few bars of some operatic air. After a while his wandering gaze was arrested by the figuro of a gentleman, fashionably dressed. who was coining along the street iu the direction of the hotel. He stepped hastily across the room, and pressed the button of the electric bell beside the door. , "Teil the clerk," he said tothe servant who presently answered the summons, "to ask Air. Humilton Jocel}n if he'U come up here; 1 want to see hiin. I guess you'll find him in the office. Look alive now!" "All right, general," replied the servant, who was a complacent negro, and seemed to entertain a kindly regard tor the stout gentleman. "Nothin' else, sah?" "Go to the devill" the general anewered testily, upon which the colored person sniiled indulgently, and gently withdrew. An interval of several minutes followed, daring which the general marched up and down the room with a preoccupied and impatient air, like a lion moodily pacing his cage. At last there ■was a loud and brisk knock on the door, ■which opened at the same moment, and Mr. Jocelyn came in, with a jaunty smile and a cigar in his mouth. "Halloo, Signor Don General Impresario Iñigo!" he exclaimed, as his gaze perused the wrathful and lugubrious figure of the owner of the room; "who's been crumpling your rose leaves now? Do you know it's half-past 10 o'clock and you ought to be" "I ought to bel Oh, yes; of course I ought to be! I shall be, too, before long - with such a gang of thieves and scoundrels as I've got to deal with! Nu-, look here!" Tra looking," said Jocelyn, seating himself in a rocking chair and crossing one knee over the other. "Have a cigar? Why don't you put on your vest? I declare, general, you're getting stouter every day. Vhy don't you adopt the Turldsk costume? It would suit your figure to a dot, besides giving your innocent victims a warnmg of your character. When I was in Stamboul" "Now, just you listen here," interrupted the general, a slight Jewish pronunciation becoming perceptible in his speech. He drew up a chair in front of his guest and sat down on it, with his feet drawn up underneath, and his fat hands on his knees. "Just you listen here. I'rn an honest ma"n, ain't D I pay my way cash down, don't I? Fin no slouch nor deadbeat, am I? When I sign a contract, and find Tve got left, 1 don't go back on it, do I? Oh, this is a gweet world for honest folk, this is! I'ye been in this business fifteen years, by Jupiterl I've run all the big singers in this country and in Europe, and if you Americans have ever seen an opera decently put on the stage you may thank me for it. Where would all these blessed stars and divas, with their three and four thousand dollars a night, where would they be if Moses Iñigo hadn't shown 'em up, and worked for 'em.and kept' em straight, and humored 'em, and stepped out and told lies for 'em to the public's face, by


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