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Schliemann's Superstition

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Schliemann wus very superstitious fof a man of learnin. When he was a poorclerk in Amsterdam he dreamed of the number 111,641. ife thereupon sent 10 thalers to Jierlin to be invested on that number in a lottery. It had been sold. and he was given another number in its plofie, which drew nothing-, and he lost hls 10 thalers. Uut 111,641 divw 180,000 thalersl An oíd tailor at the timo gave Schliemann an infallible receipt for getting rich to which he conaidered his own prosperity due. It con.sisted in putting on the left stocking', the leít shoe, etc., first. Sehliemann was greatly im' pressed with the suggestion, and for the remainder of his life he acted upon it. To put out liis left hand and hia left foot first became a socond nature with him, and lie used seriouslv to urge nis menas to adopt the practice, saying: "It does no harm, and I assure you my luck changed from the moment I heeded the old tailor." During the Crimean war he had invested his entire capital of L22,500 in indigo, which liad been shipped from London and Hamburg to Memel, Prussia, on its way to Russia, when, upon arriving at Tilsit, Sehliemann learned that the town of Memel had been wholly consumed. He hurried thither and was told to look among the ashes for his goods. But upon the loss to an official he found he was the only person ■whose g-oods had not been destroyed, as theyhad not arriveduntü af ter the conflagration was over. Schliemann always believed that his habit of putting on his left stocking first had to do with bis good


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