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A Growth Of Refinement

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The table manners of the traveling public are imprcwing," saya an old fcraveler. "Whether this is due to the g-eneral spread of civilization or to the influence of the car 1 do not know, but I think that everybody is more and more thoughtful and polite. Of course there is still some lively hustllng done at eating stations, but it is nothinff like what ït used to be in the old days when folks reacnea lor thing-s. Then you wouldn't have been surprised to see a man carrymg a pitehfork to spear biscuit with at the other end of the table, but nowadays most travelers seem to have discovered that it is much more comfort able for themselves and for everybody else as well, to politely ask a neig-hbor, or better stil], to ask a waiter for whatever they may want that is not ivithin easy reach." Drummers have doubtless been largely instrumental in bringinff about the reform.- Arkansaw Traveler. - An Irishman was told by a teacher that his charge for tuition was two guineas for the flrat month and one g-uinea for the secoud. "Then, be iabers."Said Pat, "I'U begin the seoond month now." Au old story-teller- Munchausen.


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