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The Ruin Of The California Missions

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The ruin of the Missions was oompleted by the American conquest. The few remaining Indians were speedily driven or enticed away, for the rough frontiersmen who came over the plains knew of missionary friars or civilized Indians; they carne here to squat on public land and respected no possession beyosd 160 aor-s, and that only m the hands of one familiar with the English language and modern weapons. None of the establishmrnts retaina its original character. Where population has grown up around the site, as at Santa Clara, San Francisco, and San Rafael, they beeame parish churches. At other places squatters took posession of them, extrudini priest and mayor-domo impartially, and in more than one case even the churches were sacrilegiously dearaded to the use of stables and the like. In others many parts of the buildings were demolished for the sake of the timber, tiles, and other building material they afforded. - Century. - "Eng-aged? And you have only visited her twice?" "Yes. Couldn't do any else; such a fine, lovely g-irl. The first I went to see her it kept me nerveus the clock on the mantel, and when 10 carne I took my hat and left." "Well?" "Well, last nig-ht, when I called, I noticed the lock had been removed from the r om "- phi ' ' liin , [mes. Mathematical reptiles- Adders.


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