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Indian Decorative Art

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When the Sioux g-o on the vrarpath, in any thing like reasonable weather, tliey exei-eise great economy in dress. They paint their ponies vrith red and black paint in crosses. They also wear their hair loose and and put a liberal allowance of red and black paint on their faces. Decorative art prevails larg-ely in their make-up. Bug-s, reptiles and animáis, as nearly as the rudely artistic mind of the Sioux can contrive, are painted on their foreheada and chins, while a cross of red and black paint adornseach eheek.- Denver Eepublican. -Her Father- "You say young flankinson wants to marry you?" "He does, papa." "Does he know I haven't a cent to g-ive you?" "Yes. He saya he wants me for myself alone." "H'm! Has he known you long, 'Mandy?" "O, yes. Years and years." "Then he's a bigg-erfool than I want in my family." - Chicago Tribune. -"Do you think, man, thatyou could g-ive my dauffhter all she asks for?" questioned papa, gi-imly. "I- aw -think so, sir." murmured tho lover, bashfully. "She says she wants only me." - llarpor's liazar. A point n real


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