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The Detroit Evening Xews has a co umn in...

The Detroit Evening Xews has a co umn in... image
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The Detroit Evening Xews has a co umn interview in Monday's paper wit "Dr. O. B. Frothingham," (probably Dr G. E. Frothingham is the one intended in wliich the "petitions against sectarian teachings at Ann Arbor," are discussed The iietitions are worked all over th state, it is said, and the milk in the cocoanut is the old, old gag, of the re moval of the medical department to Detroit. It is hoped now, by workinj, apon the lcj;islators by petition, to a flrst get the Homeopathie departmen removed to Detroit, and then to have the regular school soon follow. Drs Maclean and Frothingham appear tobe very mach interested in the scheme and the Xews ready for any scheme to diemember the university and impair its usefulness, is ready to take up the cudgel. If, as this interview states Detroit is the only place in the Btate where a medical school can be made a success, why don't these gentlemen go ahead and build up the medical schools already in Detroit? There is not a better man in his specialty in the world than is Dr. Frothingham. He stands at the liead of the profession, and with Dr. Maclean rated at his own estimation, ;here ought to be no trouble in conductïng such a medical school there that the medical department in Ann Arbor would aoon dim and fade into insignificance.


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