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Of all the known to man i We ;l-;.-t'l't, ts to wear a fifteen collar [7pon a slxteen shirt. - Adrián Times. To gel a taste Ql torture Anti jnit-ry to bOOt, .1 ll-t r;M' :1 Ño. 7 -Imr On a Ño. 8 foot.- Manchester Enterprise. Dr. Win. Taylor and wife havo moved back to Dexter from Detroit. The Dexter Ladies' Library Association tliink of putting on a play soon. Til" high SChool pupils of Cllelsea WÍ11 bring out a play ;it the town hall soon. The large stone in the pulp mili aloe Dexter lunst recently while revolving too fust. The receipts of the Stockbridge Driving Association lastye,ar as $3,376.10 and expenses $2,742.21. Mrs. S. W. Dexter, who is 70 years e, feil down cellar receníly and broke two bones in lier right leg. A reeent donation for the benefit of Rev. O. B. Thurston, Congregational pastor at Pinckney, netted $102 in cold cash. Ann Arbor partiea have purchased the grocery Btock of í. V. Sykes & Co., Pinckney, and will continue the business. Miss llora Burkhardt, of Chelsea, won a " gold piece by solving a puzzle the other day. [t puzzles lots of people i gel $■" gold pieces. The Livingston Democrat says that the Patrons of [ndustry lodges at Anderson is about to be merged into a Farmer's Alliance assembly. There will be au annual meeting oí the Chelsea Iveereation Park AsSOCÏation, in the town hall at ('helsea, on Feb. 14, at 2 p. m., for the purpose of electing seveu directors. The autopsy held on the remains of Mrs. Dr. Lee, by Drs. Nancrede and Christopher, of the University, developed tlie {act that her death wíis caused by inilanunation of the brain tissues. - Leader. The people in this vicinity will miss the familiar face of William Wanty, the well known produce buyer. lié has gathered together some of the profits of his nianv years of labor and has started to visit his native home in Englaud. - Augusta cor. Milán Leader. Away back in 1861 John V. Gilbert, of Howell, did the county some service, and since that time had endeavored to get his pay. lle believes that all things come to him who waits, as the supervisors at their last meeting ordered his bill of $11 paid in full. - Brighton Argus. So far this has been a very favorable season for winter wheat in this state. While there has been little snow, the weather has not been cold enough to do any damage to the uncovered plant. The little snowr whieh has fallen always carne in time to act as a protector. - Michigan Farmer. It may interest some of our readers to know that Miss Hale is duly installed Preceptress of the Northville High school. She has already won the good opinión and confidence of the school board and her associates, who speak in fiattering terms of her efficiency and tact. - Ypsilantian. The Ypsi. branch track inaster has a novel little car upon which he rides when inspecting the track. It consists of a truck the size of a hand-car with a chair in front and a small engine and boiler behind with a seat for the engineer. The inspector passed over the branch Tuesday. - Manchester Enterprise. The whole number of people connected with the legislature, including members of both houses is 212, of which number eighty-seven areofficers,clerks, janitors, pages, etc. All receive $3 per day except the pages, who are twentyone in uumber and receive $2 per day. The daily pay roll of the legislature nmounts to $(:i;.- Stockbridge Sun. The following tale is now going the rounds of the press: "A Stockbridge man hitehed his dog to his hen-coop to keep thieves from winning away with his chiekens. During the night the dog saw a cat and chased it. Tin' coop was wrecked, nine chiekens were killed in the runawav and the rest rli'd to the woods. The next time the man wants to hitch his dog to the chicken-coop he will iirst anchor the coop." M. L. Dean read a paper in which he said that while m any of great men were born and had spent their early life on the farm there are few that the world calis great and successful among farmers. The farm appoars to be a good place to start from lint not to finish on. This ought not to be so. The oíd idea that anyone is good enough tor a farmer is dying out. Brains begin to be more needed on the farm. - Enterprise account of Farmer's Club. At a meeting of the oflicial board of the M. E. church, Mondar, it was voted to give the pastor, Rev. Mr. Venning, a four weeks' vacatiou, and to ask the church to make a liberal advance payment on his salary. This action was suggested by the fact that for some time .Mr. Venning has been out of health, and the thought that a re.spite for a few weeks would be of benefit to him. Mr. Venning is a most faithful pastor, and a hard worker, and the society fully appreciate his services. - Ypsilantian. The Milan Leader tells the iirst snake story of the season: "E. II. Huil and (i. W. Pence killed two spotted adders on Monday while putting wood on C. W. Pullen's land. One oi the reptiles nieasured b% feet and the other (5 feet in length. Both Kiiakes were lively and showed fight ; for this time of year this is considerad a rather remarkable occurrence. As both these gentlemen are sober, honest and truthjul men, exchanges atv requested to believe this .story without coniment." Dexter seenis to be having an unusual run of trampa this winter. The marshal and night wateli report that the average pumber lodged in the lockup each night is the. lf we hail a stone yard, or Other public work, it would eitlier diminish the number of tree lodgers, or we would boast of niaeadand.ed streets from one end of the town to the other in a very short time. If they are willing to pay for their Lodging with work they shoukl begivena change, that they may not feel degraded te the Ie vel of beggars. If they won't work they should be made to. - Leader. The following story is told of a very pretty young school marm in a public school not a thousand miles from Chelsea, who saw a mouse run across the class room floor one day last week. " Seholars," she said,"a mouse is in the room. Do not be frightened." The little girls all tightened their skirts around their legs, and the eyea of the little boys glistened with suppressed excitement. "Don'f anybody be afraid," said the young Bchoo] marta, but heavensl in n the mouse dashed across the floor toward her, and she made a Crantic leap to the top of a bench. The mouse shot out of the door, and in time the trembüng teacher descended and tau again. - Herald, TheD. L. & tf . railroad in this vicinity has Buffered from ;i series of burglaries attempted burglaries for the pasl Eew days. The depot at Brighb roken into but no serums damage done. A man found in a freight car was arrested and lodged in jail in Brighton. A ín ghl car at webberville was broken into and ribbons, drygoodsand druga were badly Bcattered about. The parties ere arrested while stealing a ride to Lonsing and were lodged in jail in Mason. The ticket office at Meridian was broken open Monday night and some tickets taken. Tuesday night a person giving lus name as Fred Cumer was arrested at Howell with a í-ii mileage lunik that was taken. -Howell Republican. The president of the village "f South l.vou reada the Eollowing lesson to some of the boys there, and publishes it in the last Picket: "Non we have in ur vülage a few young men who Bhould, while tiiey live in a civilized community, try and conduct themselves like gentlemen, but who; instead, s em to take pride in making night hideous with unearthly yells, and l.y bo doing are guütv of a breach of the peace and good order of our village. Now while we kindly aak the said young men to desist and not repeat it again, we at the sanie linie teel it our tiiity to iiifonn them that there are laws n the land which must be respected. A word te the w se is suilicient.


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