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A Life Preserver, thrown to you in tlio sea of troubles tlmt threatens to engulf you ladies Ln its danger-fraught aves, so to speak, and one that wiíl float you over their tnreatening cresta with perfect safety, isfound in Dr. Pierce's iavorite Prescription. You iiiake a dangerous inistake if you do not sieze and malte use of it, if you are aftlictod with any of those distressing ailments peculiar to your sex, atyled "female complaints" for it isagnaranteed cure for each anl cvcrv ill of the kind. The only medicine sold by druggists, ander a positive guarantee (rom the tnanofacturers, of satisfaction in eve'ry case, or money refonded. Read guarantee on bottle-wrapper. Tn Victoria, Australia, bricklayers and masons work but seven aud one-half hours per day. Cure Yourself! Don't pay large doctor's bilis. The beat medica] book published, one hundred pages, elegant colored platea, will be sent you on receipt of three 2-cent stampe lo pay tbe postage. Address A. P. ürdway & Co., Boston, Mass. Siam keeps up with the procession. She is to have an electric railroad thirty miles long. Hibbard's Rheumatic and Liver Pilis. These Pilis are scientiflcally compounded, and uniform in action. No griping pain so commonly following the use of Pilis. They are adaptcd to both adoltfl and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have ne equal in the cure of Sick headache, Constipation, Dispepsia, and Billiousness ; and, as an appetazer, they excell any other preparatfon.


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