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Did Vail Kill His Wife?

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St. Lonx, Mo., Peb. 8.- The trial of Charles F. Vail. cha ged vif'' the munler of his wife, Faunny ai], al ld Orchard, a small place a short dis a:w froiu this city, early last summer. began in the Criminal court to-day. Vail was a bookkeeper in a well known business house here. His wife was one of three daughters ot a widow named Slatterly. and at one time was in the employ of a street car line in this city in the capacity of ''spotter." She was a very handsome woman, carne of a good family, and was well liked by all who knew her. Vail had her life heavily insured and the day of the tragedy, before joining her at Old Orchard, where she was visiting relatives, he took out a policy whk-h was to expire twenty-four hours from the time of issue. On the day of bis arrival at the little suburb he was assisting his wife into a wagon in the presence of a number of persons when a revolver in his overcoat pocket was discharged. the bullet lodging in the woraan's abdomen. She was carried iuto the house and died soon afterward. Vaile claimed that the hamuier of the revolver accideutally struck the wheel of the wagon. The body was interred without an inquest. This led to an iuvestigation, the remains were exhumed, and an autopsy and inquest held. The result was that Vail was charged with murdering his wife and was fcrrefcted. The case developcd, and it iis considerad second only to the fanious Maxwell case la point of interest. The case against Vail has twice been called and postponed, but it is believed that it will now be allowel to proceed. Able legal talent, the ablest in the State, will appear at the trial. The hearing possess-s a peculiar fnscination for the public, as it is expectcd startling deve'opments and unexpecte 1 changes of front will occur duiiug its piogrLSS.


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