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Wonders Are wrougtit by tlie use oí Ayer's Hair Vigor in restoring gray hair to its original color, promoting a new growtli, preventIng the ïiair trom falllng, keeping it soft, silky, and abuiulant, and tlie sca'.p cool, bealthy, and tree irom dandrufl or humors. The universal testimony is that thls preparation lias no equal as a dressing, and is, therefore, Indispensable to every wellfurnished toilet. "I have used Ayer's Hair Vigor lor some time and it has worked wonders for me. I was troubled with dandrufl and was rapldly becomlng bald ; but since using the Vigor iny head te perfectly clear of dandrufl, the hair has ceased coming out, and I now have a good growth, of the same color a when I was a young woman. I can heartily reoommend any one suffering (rom dandrufl or loss of hair to use Ayer's Hair Vigor as a dressing." - Mrs. Lydia O. Moody, Hast Fittston, Me. "Some time ago my wifc's hair began to come out quite Ireely. Ayer's Hair Vigor not only prevented my wife from bpooming bald, but it also caused an entirely now growth of huir. I am ready to certify to this statement before a justice i f tlie peace." - II. Hulsebus, Lewlsburgh, Iowa. "Some years ago, after a severe attack of brain fever, my hair all carne out. I used such preparations tor restoring ii as my iliyBlclans ordered, but failod to produce a growth of hair. I then trieil, sncceaslvely, several artldes recommended by drugglsü, and all allke feil short of accompUshlng the desired result. The last remedy I applied was Ayer's Hair Vigor, whlob bronght a growth of hair in a few weeks. I think I used eight bottles in two years ; more than was neeessary as a restorative, but I liked It as a dressing, and have continued to use it for that purpose. I believe Ayer's Hair Vigor posseses virtues far above those of any similar preparation now on the market." -Vincent Jones, Richmond, Ind. Ayer's Hair Vigor PRKPARED BT DR. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass. Sold by Pruggiets and Perfumen.


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