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Editor Courier: - Do I onderstand that in the proposed changos to the city charter there is a provisión granting a salary of $100 per year to the mayor $100 to each of the councilmen, and $10( to each member of the board of public works ? If so, as a citizen and tax payer I wish to express my opinión publicly through your valuable columns, ia op position to the amendmentM. As a city government we are prugressing too fast, mucli faster than we are progressing as a city. When this new charter that we hear so much about was gotten up, everybody was led to believe that it was perfect, that we should sail along smoothly for many years and nothing more in the way of legislation would be needed. But here, at the very next session of the legislature, a lot more of charter tinkers have gone to work and cudgeled their brains to make their ñames immortal by leaving the impresa of their massive intellects apon the charter of our city in the way of amendments. It is the opinión of the writer that onr taxes are increasing fastenough without saddling upon the people any more unnecessary salaries. Are there not enough men, and good men, seeking all those offices now, without any salary attached ? Why pay the mayor, for instance, $100? If the office is made a salaried one the salary should be at least $500. The smn of $100 will be no greater inducement for our best eitizens to accept the office. They will sooner serve without pay, as at present. It is my belief that this $100 will be an inducement for the class of men to seek the office whom the people do not want. It will be a curse matead of a benefit. The amendment ought to be defeated. and the citizens of Ann Arbor should see to it that it is defeated. Then the aldermen ! Shades of Pemosthenes ! If no salary at all indueee such orators as we have at present to seek the position,what will be the efi'ect of paying $100 per year? The result would be awaited with fear and trembling! If the aldermen must be paid, why not go at it in B business way and pay them say $2 per night for hvo nights in each month ? That would be liberal pay. They are in session from one to two hours twice a month, and $1 to $2 per hour is a better salary, we venture to say than any man on the board can earn, or has ever earned. The idea of paying them $4 or $5 an hour for their services is a preposterous proposition. This amendment should be killed, Mr. Editor, and you and every otlier good citizen of the city ought to assist in bringing it to an earlv and speedy death. There may be some justice in paying the members of the board of public works $100 per year. But even that is not advisable. Froin what little I know about the board one man does nearlv all the work. The others bother their heads precious little about it. They sav to Mr. Keech "go aliead and do as" you thiuk best, and we will stand by you." And for standing by hiin the city is asked to pay two men $100 each. ís it not rather expensive, Mr. Editor? The total amount of these salaries foots up $1,700. One mayor, 12 aldermen, 1 president of the council, 3 members of the board of public works- 17 in all. Candidly, is it not paying too dearly for the whistle ? Will the city be any better served by the officials after they get their hands iu the city treasury than it is now? We now boast of low taxes, but how long eau we boast of tbem if our taxes keep crawling up the way they have for the past three years?" And next year they will be still higher- mark the prediction. The subject of sewers is already being agitated, aud it will not be long before the city will have to build sewers, and then see where our low taxes will jump to. Now, Mr. Editor, I believe it is time :o cali a halt on expenditures. Before we get to putting on Chicago airs let us wail until our property and population mcrease far in advance of what they are now. I believe in advancement, but. I do not believe in extravagance, and if the city purse strings are not well guardd, these little drains, constantly being nade, will lring bankruptcy and trou}le. Very truly yours,


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