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This Refers To Newberry Hall

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Editor Coubixb : - In your last issue was an excellent idea concerning the needs of the city for a hall, that would do to hold entertainment in that are not allowed in University Hall. Truly we we need such an auditorium ! The writer suggested the corner of N. University ave. and State street, or Liberty street as a desirable place to lócate this Duilding. But, had he but cast his eyes down State street half a block to the south, he would have found a building already enclosed that fulfills all his conditions ; it is first class, is finished elegantly iu bard wood, is situated about "the proper plan." and will have a ca Ipacity of about 1,000. I refer to th unflmshed Newberry Hall of the Sti ili'iifs Christian Association. This ui have an excellent auditorium, will b available jnr all proper entertainment and will have just about the proper sea ing capacity and is gaid to have fin acoustic propertjes. Let this be íinishe and we need ao "new auditorium."


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