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The Oracle niet with a rapid sale. A new baby girl is the pride of Prof. F. N. Scott's home now. The U. of M. Independent Association meets Saturday at 2 p. m. Dr. Gibbes has reeeived several tubes of micro-organisms from Dr. Koch's laboratory in Berlin. Mr. and Mrs. Guerin entertained the Glee and Banjo Club boys at Ypsilanti Friday evening, in a charniing manner. The class of '91 at Yale is credited with giving $10,000 toward the equipnient of their new gymnasium. The boys must have rich papas. The lecture of James Kay Applebee on the evening of Feb. 17, at University hall, will be under the auspices of the Unity Club, but the entire proceeds will be devoted to the gymnasium fund. And once again the suggestion is made that the students who edit the college publications ought to receive credit for their work. It is a benefit, and a very great benefit to those who expect to follow journalism. Hon. John P. Finnerty, of Chicago, has been selected to deliver the address before the law department on Washington's Birthday. Mr. Finnerty has a silver tongue familiar witli eloquence. He will say something worth hearing. The U. of M. Athletic Association has chosen H. G. Prettyman and James L. Duffy, of Ann Arbor, and C. T. Miller of Detroit, as the three alumni members of the advisory board of the association. Four members of the faculty will act with them. Rev. Russell H. Conwell, of Philadelphia, who electrified his audience here ast year with acres of Diamonds," will deliver a leeture upon "The Silver Crown or a Bom King,'' Saturday evening Feb. 21. Reserved seats on the Thursday previous. The U. of M. Daily is responsible for he statement that an Ann Arbor student has been appointed to a professorship in Heidleberg University. It is aid to be the first instance on record where au American has been appointed o a chair in a Germán University. The Jeftersonian LiterarySociety electd the followinir orficers, last Thursday evening : President - C. O. Kmidson. Vice President - A. J. Duvis. Recordiug Seeretary - C. W. Wella. Corrusiiondiiiff Seeretary- H. A. i'iersoi. C'ritio- Samuel Dewal. Treasnrer - K. B. Humilton. Murshul- Jerciniah Donovan. The concert given by the Glee and Banjo Club at Ypsilanti last Saturday eveniug, at the Draper Opera House, called out the elite of our neighboring city. The house was well filled and the boys were treated with encoré after encoré. The Club is very happy over he success of their first appearance thia eason, and have reason to believe that he people of Ypsilanti who attended rere pleased with their efTorts to give iem a good entertainment. To the people who are attempting to estroy the medical department of the Jniversity by securing its removal in art and then wholly to Detroit, be it cnown, that the University hoepitals re supplied with all the material they eed and can use, and thia material jrings before the students all the differnt forms and classes of cases required. ; bas been demonstrated that more ases of obstetrics can be secured than an be used, which has hitherto been rged as an objection to Ann Arbor. It ïas also been demonstrated that a hos)ital located in Ann Arbor, if it has the acilitiea and the talent to run it, will ot want in the least for plenty of inique material. Before the legislatura passes a capita] punishment act, it might be well to look up statistics and (acts, and ascertain how much better off states are that hav-e that law, in reference to crime. To be sure such cases as that of little Nellie Grifas murder make the blood in one's eins fairly boil, and in our indignation we cry out that "such a man ought to be mng," yet how much better off are the ommunities where such crimináis are mng lor such crimes? And every cx.'ïtion teuds to brutalize and degrade lie community in which it oceurs The et designed for the correction of an evil nly has a tendeney to blunt the moral ense of the people, to familiarize them ith crime, and so fails of its purpose. That great farmer( ? ) Senator Leiand ianford, of California, is being groomed or the Alliance nomination for presient of the United States. What an malgamation that would be ?


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