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Keal estste is booming at Saline. Pinckuey lunguisheth for electric ights. Xo more beefsteak purohased on Sunday in Milan markets. Jacob Loucks oL Manchester died at Grand Rapids receutly. Tiddldywink socials are raging now throughöut the country. The P. of I. party hold a county convention at Howell Saturday. Dexter expects to have several new residencea erected next season. The South Lyon Sheep Breeder's Association meet in that place to-day. Saline Farmer's Club meeting at the residence of Geo. Shaw next Friday. Wampler's lake will be a great resort next suinmer, or all appearances are deceptive. C. F. Hill and R. W. Mills have been chosen trustees of the Saline Presbyterian church. At Jackson nearly all the retail stores have agreed to close at 7 r. m. for the benefit of the clerks. Mts. Anna Schulte, carne to Sharon in 1849, anddied there January 30th, aged sixty-iive years. Messrs. W. E. Boyden and George A. Peters will attend the state convention of Patrons as delegates. A. F. Clark of Saline is to teach the young folks of Manchester how to sing. It wifi not be a difficult job. Misses Kate Geraghty and Sue Howe, formerly of Pinckney, have opened a dressmaking establishment at Chelsea. And now it turns out that the bounty on maple sugar does not apply to the erop of 1891. Butwill commence next year. Mr. Suglandt, of Munith, has produced a new-fangled light out of a lumiuous substance, and has applied for a patent. Chas. King and David Lhl, ot psi lanti, have been drawn as traverse juror for the Mareh term of the United States court. The great Democratie orator, Daniel Dougherty, will deliver a lecture at Howell, o'n Feb. 25th, entitled "Orators and Oratory." Frank L. Andrews has purchased the Pinckney Dispatch oí A. 1). Bennett and will run'that paper hereafter with neatness and dispatch. Eugene Helber, of Saline, has a new buggy, because his horse got scared while at Ann Arbor recently, and made kindling wood of the oíd one. The Manchester schools report that there was not a single case of tardjness recorded during January. One of the fairest records a school could inake. The Skule" will be presented at Dexter on Friday evening, Feb 2Oth, at the opera house. The ladies of the M. E. church will supervise the entertainment. Our neighboring villages, Dexter, fealine, etc., report an extra number of tramps applying for lodging. The stone yard at Ann Arbor probably influences that fact somewhat. The M. E. church looks very nice in its new decoration and does nmch credit to the skiliull workinanship of Ellsworth and Heselschwerdt of Chelsea, who did the job.--Stockbridge Sun. We have soine beautiful hyacinth's and other flowers in blossom in our counting room windows. - Manchester Enterprise. These are the flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la! (prematurely.) Monday morning S. H. Dimmick, for upwards of forty years, a druggist at Ypsilanti, died as his home in that city from congestión of the lungs. He was 68 years of age, and a man very much respected. Fred C. and N. A. Wood eaech made sale this week of seyeral of their finest meriuoes at long prices, to Mr. Bissell, for 8hipment to Australia. Mr. Bissell knows where to look for good sheep, henee his frequent visits to this comniunity - Observer. The fourth annual convention of the Livingston county Union Bunday School Association will be held in the Walnut st. M. E. church, in Howell, on Febrnary 25th and 26th, 1891 . It is requested that every school in that county send at least two delegates to this convention. The first accident at the stavemill 01curred one day last week when Mr. Montague's dog got his tail in the way of the saw. The saw did not stop and consequently that part of the tail carne off. The dog made a bee line for home and it is not expected that he will superintend the sawing of any more staves for some time. A bilí has been introduced into our State Legislature, known as "House Bill No. 12, to prohibit the use of ferrets in killing or capturing rabbits." If this becomes a law it will be a curse to every fruit grower in Michigan, who kuows too well know the damage these pests, for pests they are, do to the fruit trees each year. The history of their depredations in Australia and in California, should convince all of the folly of such a law for the benefit of the hunters. - Saline Observer. On Thursday morning of last week, Mr. andMrs. Tahash, wlio live opposite the Commercial Hotel in the northern part of the village, heard a baby crying and on going to the door, discoveren an infant well wrapped up and lyiug on tlieir door steps. It was taken into the house and Mr. Tahash notified Marshal Kverett, who found the mother of the cbild at the Commercial hotel. At first she wouH not own the child but she finally confessed. and the nest morning both she and the child took the train for their home in Salem. - Plymouth Mail. A couple of cate saved the lives of Mrs. F. Brown anda little daughterof George Hughes, in Pontiac the other ni'lit. Having gone to bed leavinj? the top of a eoalstove Blighüy open they were nearly Bunocated by gas, wtien Mrs. !'. was aroused by the unusual noise of the cata that were trying to escape suffocation themselves. It was with considerable difticulty that si ie was able to get up anl let them out, open up the house and thus save herself and the little girl, both of whom would soon have been bevond consciousness. - Ex. To make money, one must be in the oeighborhood of moneyed men. Yon can't make money out of a pauper. A hundred poor men may pre-empt farms in i Dakota town or a '-Montana village, luit they can't getrichoutof each other. It is a mistake to get too far away from money centers or established neighborb. ft is a pity to raise corn for fuel percentage of your crops In heavy transpoi Oue element of value in your farms is tlieir proximity to cash markets for wliat toey may produce. - Chelsea lïerald. A lady friend asks us to write an article condeinning certaiu amusements induleed in by young people at donations and other parties. Their practices are not sufficiently described to warrant us Eromiscuous condemnation. We may e a little peculiar but, though the period of youth has long since been passed by us we have not forgotten that we were once young and would not draw the rule quite as strict as some in relation to those in the morning of life. There are many things they may do witli propriety that to those of gray hairs may seem silly and frivolous. Let us not insist upon having old heads on young shoulders. - South Lyon Picket. This story is old as Noah's ark, yet it is vouched for by the Xorthville Record : "Look out fora fraud which is being successfully worked on alarge number of people in this and other villages in this portion of the state. A man calis at your house, introduces himself as a representad ve of somelarge artist establishment. He agrees to enlarge pictures, no matter how faded, free of charge, but you have to buy a frame in order to secure this liberal offer. He produces a number of samples of picture moldings ; you make a choice ; he asks a small pay"ment down from twenty-fivc cents to five dollars, according to the price of the frame selected, and the amount he thinks he eau get. After working a neighborhood hefolds hiaten and leaves for other pastures green You never see your man, frame, picture or money again."


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