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The Restful Barber Chair

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"There is only one time during a busy day," said the philosopher, "when a man really enjoys complete rest. The busy merchant, lawyer or editor wastes no time over his lunch, and is thinking all the time he eats of what work he has to attend to when he returns to his office. JUit let that same man get into the burber's chair, and the turmoil in his brain eeases iustantly. It is as if the passing of the brush over his face drew a curtain between him and his toil. His eyelids close slovvly, and a delicious feeling of complete indifference to care replaces his former anxious thoughts. Every succeeding moment increases his feeling of ease and rest, and when the bay rum sets the nerves in the skin tingling he feels like a new man. His work during the next hour seems lighter than at any other time, and the refreshing effect passes oiï slowly. I would rather go without lunch than miss niv half hour in the barber's chair."


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