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Painting It Red

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"Many stories have been told, each claiminf to gire the origin of the expression 'painting it red,' and to swell the list I will teil another," said a river captain to a St. Louis reporter the other day. "I think mine is the right one. Away back in tlie '50s racing was the most exciting feature of river life, and whenever an opportunity was given for the sport every man on the boats would prepare for the contest as if their lives depended upon the result. Upon entering the race the first order of the captain would be: 'l'aint her red, boys!' to the firemen. Then the coal would be heaped on till the fornácea glowed like suns, and their crimson glare could be seen for miles around on the dark river. Then 'paint it red' grew to mean simply having a good time. either on water or land, with us river men. The pet expression spread quickly, until now you see what it is - almost universal." -


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