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Benefits Which Would Come With The Shipping-bills

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Every one who has given the question any study s satisfled that the immediate effects of the Shipping bilis would be to stimulate export trade very greatly, to give a new Ímpetus to a large number of domestic industries and to furnish eruployment to a great many American workingmen. Our commerce with many foreign couutries languishes because we have not and cannot control facilities for transportation. South America, for example, trades with England yery largely because there are English lines of steamers to all the principal ports, and it has become an axiom of commerce that trade follows the flag. Give us American steainship lines and we should soon see the balance of trade begin to change and our exports to South America increase in geometrical proportion. Nor would the indirect benefits of American steamship lines be any less than the direct. When one begins to builc! a steamship he lays under contribution the three kingdoms - animal, vegetable and mineral. He demands for his uses an almost infinite variety of natural and manufactured product. He finds work in abundance for skilled and unskilled labor, and builds up about his shipyard a little colony whose wants must be tmpplied. He pays out in wages a very large proportion of all he receives for the ship he builds, and thus contributes to the support of the bone and sinew of the country. But why argüe a self-evident proposition ? The question is clearly understood, and the time for action is at hand. It is the plain duty of the Republican party to pass the Shipping bilis at this session of Congress. - San Francisco Chronicle. -- Major Pond, the manager for Henry M. Stanley, states that Mr. Stanley has decided to give all the presents he has received from the crowned heads of Europe, valued at $500,000 to the fund being raised by Gen. Booth of the salvation army, for the poor of London.


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